1. Terry, a four year old Cairn Terrier, made $125 a week playing what movie dog?



2. Who hosts The Apprentice?



3. When lava cools it creates rocks whose Latin name comes from the word for fire. Are they igneous or sedimentary?



4. True or False  Tony Danza played Tony Banta on Taxi.



5. Was Kurt Cobain’s signature guitar made by Peavey or Fender?



6. Which artist released the CD titled “Nellyville”?



7. In math what does 3.14 signify?



8. What is the most common eye color?



9. True or False Lewis Carroll wrote The Narnia Chronicles



10. What is the name of the town where Spongebob Squarepants lives?










11. From a long running TV series who worked at Townsend Investigations?



12. True or False  New York City was first settled in 1826.



13. How many wives did Henry VIII have?



14. What was the maiden name of Princess Diana?



15. True or False  sally Struthers played Gloria on ‘All in the Family’?



16. Which character worked as a hand model on Seinfeld, George or Elaine?



17. Amelia Earhart vanished while trying to fly around the world. Over which ocean did she disappear?



18. On what sitcom, set in Lanford Illinois, did the family win $100 million in the state lottery?



19. True or False  Bob Dylan’s real name was Robert Zimmerman.



20. Which breed of cat has no tail Persian or Manx?









21. What is the capital of North Carolina?



22. What American river’s name come from the Chippewa Indian word for ‘large river’?



23. Who wrote ‘The raven’ and ‘The Telltale Heart’?



24. In 1919, what rubber company’s blimp crashed in Chicago, killing 13 people?



25. The American Beauty is what type of flower?



26. June 14th is what holiday?



27. What is Florida’s chief industry?



28. What city is called The Big Easy?



29. Which Friends Character had a twin sister named Ursula?



30. On the Fruit of the Loom Label There are a fig leaf, an apple, and_______________.










31. Where is the HBO show OZ set?



32. Which of the Friends was a paleontologist?



33. What band has a member called Bono?



34. True or False  A Burger King Whopper has 1228 calories.



35. James Belushi appears as Jim on what TV show?



36. Who ‘left the building’ for good after his last concert on June 26, 1977?



37. Hayden Fox coached the Screaming Eagles on what TV show>



38. Who wrote the 1978 novel ‘The Stand’?



39. What soft drink company introduced the brand Slice?



40. In what town do the Simpsons live?












41. Which record company was founded in Detroit by Berry Goody Jr. – Atlantic or Motown?



42. Where is the Alamo?



43. True or False  The world’s largest lizard is the Komodo dragon.



44. As of 2001 who won more MTV awards Madonna or Michael Jackson?



45. Despite being a better runner than a flyer what bird ends up in a tree every Christmas?



46. In what city is Logan Airport?



47. Who sang ‘Born To Be Wild’?



48. What does a polygraph detect?



49. Who released a rap version of his hit ‘On the Road Again’?



50. What are the first names of Eric Foreman’s parents on That 70’s Show?









1. Toto



2. Donald Trump



3. Igneous



4. True



5. Fender



6. Nelly



7. PI



8. Brown



9. False



10. Bikini Bottom



11. Charlie’s Angels



12. False



13. Six



14. Spencer

15. True



16. George



17. Pacific



18. Roseanne



19. True



20. Manx



21. Raleigh



22. Mississippi



23. Edgar Allen Poe



24. Goodyear



25. Rose



26. Flag Day



27. Tourism



28. New Orleans

29. Phoebe



30. Grapes



31. Prison



32. Ross



33. U2



34. False



35. According to Jim



36. Elvis



37. Coach



38. Stephen King



39. Pepsico



40. Springfield



41. Motown



42. Texas

43. True



44. Madonna



45. Partridge



46. Boston



47. Steppenwolf



48. Lies



49. Willie Nelson



50. Red and Kitty