I.E. Instant Entertainment. Immediate Excitement. Instant Energy!

As an entertainer for (The Host) beyond music, what can you do that will WOW your audience?

How can you express to them, in a heartbeat, that they are going to have an awesome entertainment experience?

The answer is I.E. Instant Entertainment!

Corporate Spirit Team:

Guests are outside the room for the cocktail hour, and the doors to the room are closed. When the doors open and the guests enter the room they greeted by the Spirit Team.

This is a group of 10 or more company employees who are excited, loud, highly motivated, cheerleader types, creating two lines for the guests to pass through as they enter the room.

The Spirit Team offers guests as they enter the room high fives, pats on the back, cheers, and props appropriate to the theme of the event – Hawaiian Leis, Maracas, Glow Sticks, Top Hats, Sombreros…

Cruise Ship Style Pictures:

At a recent cruise ship themed event each person \ couple had their picture taken as they entered. We then showed the pictures on the big screen during the dinner time.

As always, for the success of your event, know your client, know your audience and build rapport before embarking upon any I.E. or entertainment activity for your event. Your next I.E. will be for Bar \ Bat Mitzvahs!

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