1. What is the name of the dog in the Tom and Jerry cartoons?



2. Who is the Addams family butler?



3. Finish the line from the Beatles’ song ‘Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom _________________”



4. What did Don Mclean drive to the levee in ‘American Pie’?



5. What video game, created in the 80’s, was inspired by a pizza with a missing slice?



6. In the movie Tombstone, what was the last name of the brothers, Wyatt, Morgan, and Virgil?



7. On an invitation what does B.Y.O.B. mean?



8. What state is called the Garden State?



9. How many hearts does an octopus have?



10. While a fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble claimed someone else killed his wife. Was it a one armed man or a man with a limp?









11. Which country hosted more Olympic games, US or France?



12. Where are you most likely to encounter monosodium glutamate – a doctor’s office or a Chinese restaurant?



13. In Deck the Halls, how many la’s follow the fa?



14. In baseball, what does RBI stand for?



15. Which is longer a meter or a yard?



16. If you could dig a hole about 4,000 miles deep, in the US, would you end up in China or the core of the earth?



17. What is the only day of the week named for a planet?



18. How many zeros are in one billion?



19. What brings Frosty the Snowman to life?



20. Which astronomical term comes from the Latin term for new – nova or nebula?










21. What is the capital of Ohio?



22. What is the typical life span of the African elephant – up to 25 years or up to 70 years?



23. The brain is divided into how many lobes – 8 or 4?



24. What Mike Meyers Character had a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth – Dr. Evil or Austin Powers?



25. True or False Hawaii Five-O starred Jack Lord



26. What color is the ribbon worn by people calling attention to breast cancer?



27. In what game is an X worth 8 points and a blank worth nothing?



28. Finish this book title, published in 1947, ‘The Diaries of Anne _____________’.



29. True or False  Al Capone was stabbed while in Alcatraz.



30. What MTV show has Ashton Kutcher pulling pranks on celebrities?








31. True or False John Elway was 1st pick in the 1993 NFL draft.



32. Lansing is the capital of what state?



33. Who wrote MacBeth?



34. Andy Griffith lived in Mayberry – North Carolina or South Carolina?



35. A typical spider has how many pairs of legs?



36. In the Wild West, what was Buffalo Bill’s last name?



37. True or False  Ants can lift and carry 100 times their own weight.



38. Who wrote Tears in Heaven for his son who fell to his death out of a window?



39. True or False  About 75% of the world’s pineapples are grown in Hawaii.



40. What does EPA stand for?










41. What 60’s band had to wait until 1987 for their first top 40 record, called Touch of Grey?



42. Violin bows are usually made from the hair of what animals tail?



43. Which cellular company’s ads claim they’re ‘raising the bar’?



44. True or False  The DaVinci Code was written in 1993.



45. What organization protects the President of the US?



46. According to a popular expression ‘every dog has his’ what?



47. In which year did the Boston Red Sox first play in Fenway Park – 1912 or 1952?



48. Did Alcatraz close in 1963 or 1973?



49. What CBS sitcom stars Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer as brothers?



50. What was the last state to enter the union?










1. Spike



2. Lurch



3. Let it Be



4. Chevy



5. Pac Man



6. Earp



7. Bring your own bottle



8. New Jersey



9. 3



10. One arm



11. US



12.  Chinese restaurant



13. 8



14. Runs batted in

15. Meter



16. Core



17. Saturday



18. 9



19. Old silk hat



20. Nova



21. Columbus



22. 70



23. 4



24. Dr. Evil



25. True



26. Pink



27. Scrabble



28. Frank

29. True



30. Punk’d



31. False



32. Michigan



33. Shakespeare



34. North Carolina



35. 4



36. Cody



37. False



38. Eric Clapton



39. True



40. Environmental Protection Agency



41. Grateful Dead



42. Horse

43. Cingular



44. True



45. Secret Service



46. Day



47. 1912



48. 1963



49. Two and a Half Men



50. Hawaii