1) Was Elvis over or under 50 when he died?



2) How many spaces are there on a Monopoly board?



3) In law enforcement, what does CSU stand for?



4) How many different color playing pieces are there in the Sorry?



5) True or False  Bill Cosby was the first African American to win an Emmy>



6) What company makes the Game Boy?



7) How many months end with the letter ‘Y’?



8) Finish this saying ‘Spare the rod and spoil ________________’?



9) What kind of horse is the mascot of the Aheuser-Busch brewery?



10) How many tons are in 16,000 lbs.?











11) In which decade did Walt Disney die 1960s or 1970s?



12) Which came first – the invention or the telephone or the Wright Brothers flight?



13) We the people are the first three words of the Declaration of Independence.



14) On which Network does Deal or No Deal air?



15) Which Pink Floyd album spent 741 weeks on Billboard’s top 200 charts – The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon?



16) Who was the original host of America’s Funniest Videos?



17) In 1982, what rocker bit the head off a bat in Des Moines?



18) Des Moines is the capital of what state?



19) True or False  Paul McCartney is left handed.



20) What planet is closest to the sun?










21) Simon Cowell is a judge on what reality show?



22) What city’s mayor lives in Gracie Mansion?



23) What was the name of the movie in which John Candy coaches a Jamaican bobsled team?



24) What branch of the armed forces was TV’s Major Dad – Army or Marines?



25) Who has set several of his novels in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine – Stephen King or Tom Clancy?



26) On the TV show Matlock, was Matlock’s first name Robert or Benjamin?



27) What band’s front man wrote an autobiography named Kiss and Tell?



28) What was this front man’s name?



29) True or False  The hamburger was invented in Connecticut in 1900.



30) What is the name of the grey donkey in Winnie-the-Pooh?







31) Where did Drew Carey make Buzz beer on his show?



32) On what continent was Blinky Bear the koala created?



33) On most touch tone phones, what symbol is to the right of zero?



34) Who does Evan Drake hire to paint his house on Cheers – Woody or Norm?



35) What windows shortcut will ‘select all’ – F4 or CTRL+A?



36) Shortly after filming a car safety spot, who died on a CA highway when his Porshce collided with another car – Steve McQueen or James Dean?



37) Churchill Downs holds this famous event ______________ Derby.



38) What punishment did Richard Nixon receive for his role in Watergate $10,000 fine or none at all?



39) What is a group of whales called a pod or a run?



40) On what series did Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen share the role of Michelle Tanner?







41) What soap opera featured Luke and Laura – General Hospital or One Life To Live?



42) What comet that visits earth about every 76 years last visited in 1986?



43) On Taxi who played the mechanic Latka – Andy Kaufman or Danny Devito?



44) What city has the nickname “Motor City”?



45) True or False  Mel Blanc did the voice of Mr. Spacely on the Jetson.



46) What talk show host runs a company called Harpo – Oprah or Jerry Springer?



47) Who was the lead singer of Nirvana?



48) The only Beach Boy who actually surfed happened to be the one who drowned in 1983. Was he – Brian Wilson or Dennis Wilson?



49) In what year was the French Revolution 1789 or 1879?



50) When did the Titanic sink 1912 or 1927?







1) Under



2) 40



3) Crime Scene Unit



4) 4



5) False



6) Nintendo



7) 4



8) The child



9) Clydesdale



10) 8



11) 1960’s



12) Telephone



13) False



14) NBC



15) Dark Side of the Moon



16) Bob Saget



17) Ozzy Opsbourne



18) Iowa



19) True



20) Mercury



21) American Idol



22) NYC



23) Cool Runnings



24) Marines



25) Stephen King



26) Ben



27) Kiss


28) Gene Simmons



29) True



30) Eeyore



31) Garage



32) Australia



33) #


34) Norm



35) CTRL+A



36) James Dean



37) Kentucky



38) None



39) Pod



40) Full House



41) General Hospital

42) Haley’s



43) Andy Kaufman



44) Detroit



45) True



46) Oprah



47) Kurt Cobain



48) Dennis



49) 1789