001: She Had Her First Pop Hit In 1975 With “This Will Be”


Who Is Natalie Cole.


002: The B.B.C. Banned This 1973 Paul Simon Song Because It Mentions A Commercial Product.


What Is Kodachrome?


003: “Ooo Wah Ooo Wah Cool Cool Kitty” The Manhattan Transfer Told Us About The Boy From Here.


What Is New York City?


004: Fats Domino Was “Walking To” This City.  Johnny Horton Sang About The “Battle Of” It.


What Is New Orleans?


005: It’s The Cheryl Crow Title That Precedes “Light So Bright Palm Sweat, Blackjack On A Saturday Night.


What Is “Leaving Las Vegas”?


006: This Group Is Named For The Bouffant Hairdos Of Members Kate Pierson And Cindy Wilson, Not For Bomber Planes.


Who Are The B-52’s?


007: Albums From This Group Include “In My Tribe” And “Blind Man’s Zoo”


What Is 1000 Maniacs?


008: Despite Its Name, This Group That Sings “Brick” Is A Trio.


What Is Ben Folds Five?


009: Interviews With This Group’s Members Highlight “The Last Waltz”, A Film Of Their Farewell Concert.


Who Are “The Band”?


010: Broken Marriages And Relationships Fueled The Songs On This Milestone 1977 Album.


What Is Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”?


011: This 1977 Album Heralded The Return Of Fleetwood Mac’s Most Popular Lineup.


What Is “The Dance”?


012: She Wrote And Sang Lead On Fleetwood Mac’s First Top Twenty Hit “Over My Head”.


Who Is Christine Mcvie?

013: In 1980 He Found “It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me”.


Who Is Billy Joel?


014: He Rocked The Country World With “Achy Breaky Heart”


Who Is Billy Ray Cyrus?


015: He’s Famous For His “Rebel Yell”


Who Is Billy Idol?


016: The New York City Restaurant Who’s Exterior Was Seen On Seinfeld Also Inspired This Suzanne Vega Song.


What Is “Tom’s Diner”?


017: “Lord A’mighty” This Singer Was Burning Up The Charts With 1972’s “Burning Love”.


Who Was Elvis Presley?


018: Burn, Baby, Burn With This Top Twenty Hit From The Traamps.


What Is Disco Inferno?


019: This David Bowie Song Is Subtitled “Putting Out Fire”.


What Is “Cat People”?


020: Ironically, This Aretha Franklin Song Was Used In Commercials For Clairol Hair Dye.


What Is (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman?


021: Cindy Crawford Moved It To Technotronic’s “Move This” In Tv Ads For This Brand Of Cosmetics.


What Is Revlon?


022: Toyota Ads Featured This Song By Sly And The Family Stone.


What Is “Everyday People”?


023: Released In 1985, It’s The Top-Selling Tv Soundtrack Of All Time.


What Is “Miami Vice”?


024: He “Came Alive” With The Top Album Of 1976.


Who Is Peter Frampton?


025: Neil Young Had A Bountiful Year In 1972 With This Top Album.


What Is “Harvest”?


026: Their “Cracked Rear View” Was The Top-Selling Album Of 1995.


Who Are Hootie & The Blowfish?


027: For Diet Pepsi, He Popularized The Slogan “You Got The Right One, Baby”.


Who Is Ray Charles?


028: This “Range” Rover Has Played With The Greatful Dead And Sheena Easton.


Who Is Bruce Hornsby?


029: It’s The Real Name Of The Captain – Toni Tennille’s Partner.


Who Is Daryl Dragon?


030: This Actor Is Mentioned In Paula Cole’s 1996 Song “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone”.


Who Is John Wayne?


031: Not K-Ci Of K-Ci & Jojo, It’s The Other K.C.’S Band.


What Is The Sunshine Band?


032: The Group Is Lisa Lisa And ………


What Is The Cult Jam?


033: They Are Gary Lewis And…


What Is “The Playboys”?


034: The Hell’s Angels Turned The Rolling Stones’ 1969 Free Concert At This California Speedway Into A Debacle.


What Is “Altamount”?


035: In 1967 The Ed Sullivan Show Asked The Rolling Stones To Change The Lyrics Of This Song.


What Is “Let’s Spend The Night Together”?


036: Bill Gates Used The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” To Sell This Product.


What Is Windows 95?


037: This Band Holds The Guinness Record For The Most Documented Rock Concerts – At 2,137.


What Are The Greatful Dead?


038: This “Naked Eye” Group Took It’s Name From A 1960’s Basketball Player.


What Is “Luscious Jackson”?


039: Mattel Was None Too Pleased With This Debut Single From Aqua, And Even Filed A Lawsuit.


What Is “Barbie Girl”?


040: Batman Composer Danny Elfman Was Once A Member Of This Group With A Rhyming Name.


Who Is “Oingo Boingo”?


041: Ringo Starr Replaced Him As Drummer For The Beatles In 1962.


Who Was “Pete Best”?


042: This Drummer Has Been Married To Heather Locklear And Pamela Anderson.


Who Is Tommy Lee?


043: This Drummer For The Police Also Composed The Film Scores For Wall Street, Talk Radio, And Good Burger.


Who Is Stewart Copeland?


044: This Song Was Belinda Carlisle’s First No. 1 Solo Hit.


What Is “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”?


045: Their Song Dedication “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” Was A Pop Hit And A No. 1 Country Hit.


Who Are Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias?


046: Sam Cooke Told This Love God, “I Know Between The Two Of Us, Her Heart We Can Steal, Help Me If You Will”.


What Is Cupid?


047: Bananarama Sang “Goddess On The Mountain Top … The Summit Of Beauty And Love” And This “Was Her Name”…


What Is Venus?


048: This Group Introduced “Mr Roboto”


Who Is Styx?


049: It Was Van Mccoy’s No. 1 Dance Hit Of 1975.


What Is “The Hustle”?


050: Like Helen Ready’s “I Am Woman”, Her “I Will Survive” Became An Anthem For Women.


Who Is Gloria Gaynor?


051: Anita Ward Chimed In With This Title Request In 1979.


What Is “Ring My Bell”?


052: Fittingly, This Band Celebrated February 19, 1996 With A Concert At Mount Rushmore.


Who Are “The Presidents Of The United States Of America”?


053: This Rock Legend Was Nicknamed “Pearl”.


Who Was Janice Joplin?


054: In 1989, Her “Electric Youth” Album Was No. 1.


Who Is Debbie Gibson?


055: Before Her Debut Solo Album, Which Included The Hit Single “I Know”, She Sang With Arrested Development.


Who Is Dionne Farris?


056: This Group’s Last Top Ten Hit Was 1988’S “I Dont Want To Live Without You”.


Who Is Foreigner?


057: This Old West Poster Phrase Was Used By Bon Jovi In A Song Title On Their “Slippery When Wet” Album.


What Is “Wanted Dead Or Alive”?


058: Iron Maiden In 1988 And Billy Joel In 1977 Made This Same Title Observation In Different Songs.


What Is “Only The Good Die Young”?


059: In 1995 Madonna Read Miss Spider’s Tea Party To Pajama-Clad Fams To Promote The Video For This Song.


What Is “Bedtime Story”?


060: Called The First Network Series Devoted To Rock Music, It Goes Back To 1952 And A Local Show In Philadelphia.


What Is “American Bandstand”?


061: It Was Created, Produced, And Originally Hosted By Don Cornelius.


What Is “Soul Train”?


062: Famous For It’s Dancers, This Eighties Tv Series Had Many Hosts, Including Andy Gibb.


What Is “Solid Gold”?


063: It Was Recorded In 1976 By Wild Cherry And In 1991 By Vanilla Ice.


What Is “Play That Funky Music”?


064: It Was Recorded In 1977 By Shaun Cassidy, And In 1963 By The Crystals.


What Is “Da Do Ron Ron”?


065: It Was Recorded In 1982 By Willie Nelson, And In 1988 By The Pet Shop Boys.


What Is “Always On My Mind”?


066: His 1987 Album Title “Nothing Like The Sun” Is A Quote From Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130.


Who Is “Sting”?


067: He May Not Be Able To Balance A Ball On His Nose, But His Song “Kiss From A Rose” Is Pretty Good.


Who Is “Seal”?


068: This Rockabilly Trio Was Composed Of Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker, And Slim Jim Phantom.


Who Were “The Stray Cats”?


069: This Band Is Remembered As Much For Singer Mike Score’s Odd Haircut As For The Song “I Ran (So Far Away)”.


Who Were “A Flock Of Seagulls”?


070: In This Band, Named For Two Brothers, Alex Plays Drums And Eddie Plays Guitar.


Who Is “Van Halen”?


071: Half Of This Singer’s Quarter “Tin Machine” Were Sons Of Comedian Soupy Sales.


Who Is “David Bowie”?


072: Noel Gallagher Writes Songs Like “Wonderwall” For This Band, And Brother Liam Sings Them.


Who Are “Oasis”?


073: She’s The Only Solo Artist To Have No. 1 Albums In The 60’S, 70’S, 80’S, And 90’S.


Who Is “Barbra Streisand”?


074: The Fifth Dimension Made A Medley Out Of “Aquarius” And This Song In 1969.


What Is “Let The Sunshine In”?


075: Smash Mouth Performed This Sunny Smash Hit.


What Is Walking On The Sun?


076: George Harrison Wrote This Beatles Song From Abbey Road While Sitting In Eric Clapton’s Garden.


What Is “Here Comes The Sun”?


077: In 1993, Cher Was Backed Up On A New Recording Of “I Got You Babe” By This Animated Adolescent Pair.


Who Are “Beavis And Butthead”?


078: A Few Days After Her Divorce From Sonny Was Final, Cher Married This Man.


Who Is Greg Allman?


079: Like The Character In Her Song “Half Breed”, Cher Is Part This Native American Tribe.


What Is Cherokee?


080: In 1986 The Eurythmics Warned Us Not To “Mess” With One.


What Is A “Missionary Man”?


081: It’s A Song Title Shared By The Steve Miller Band And Jamiroquai?


What Is “Space Cowboy”?


082: Before This George Michael Duo Split Up, They Gave A Farewell Concert At Wembly Stadium.


Who Were “Wham”?


083: At The Time Of Their Break Up In 1994, They Were Known As Nkotb


Who Were “New Kids On The Block”?


084: In 1987 They Sang “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, But By 1997, It Was.


Who Was “Crowded House”?


085: The Original Members Of This Group Made Up, And Got Back Into Make- Up, For Their 1996 Reunion Tour.


Who Are “Kiss”?


086: Six Members Of This Latin Group’s Most Popular Lineup Sang Together In Puerto Rico In 1998.


What Was “Menudo”?


087: This Annabella Lwin Band That Sang “I Want Candy” Went On The “Barking Mad” Reunion Tour In 1998.


Who Are “Bow Wow Wow”?


088: A Mugger’s Bizarre Question Put To Dan Rather Gave This 1994 R.E.M. Song It’s Title.


What Is “What’s The Frequency Kenneth”?


089: In 1995, This Ottawan Became The First Canadian To Top The Billboard Album Charts.


Who Is Alanis Morrisette?


090: The Album “Unison” Was The English Language Debut Of This Quebecoise Chanteuse.


Who Is Celine Dion?


091: Raised In Ontario, This Country Sensation’s Real First Name Is Eileen.


Who Is Shania Twain?


092: This Landmark In The Heart Of Hollywood Was Built To Look Like A Stack Of .45’S.


What Is The Capitol Records Building?


093: It’s The City Where You Can Visit “Hitsville U.S.A.”, Home Of The Motown Museum.


What Is Detroit?


094: A Plaque On This Man’s Farm Marks The Spot Where The Original “Woodstock” Was Held In 1969.


Who Is Max Yasgur?


095 [Two Part Question]

On March 29, 1973, They Finally Made It. But It Took A Song About Being On The Cover To Get Them On The Cover.

Who’s The Band. What’s The Song.


Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show.

Cover Of Rolling Stone.


096: In 1997, Oasis Threatened To Beat Up Mick Jagger And Recorded A Cover Of This Stones Song.


What Is “Street Fighting Man”?


097: He’s “The Only One Who Could Ever Reach” Dusty Springfield. (Or Bobby Gentry)


Who Is “The Son Of A Preacher Man”?


098: In A Billy Joel Song, “She Hides Like A Child, But She’s ….. This.


She’s “Always A Woman”?


099: In It, Whitney Houston Sings, “It’s All In Me, Anything You Want Done Baby, I’ll Do Naturally.”


What Is “I’m Every Woman”?


100: It’s The Title Cut From Shania Twain’s 1995 Blockbuster Album.


What Is “The Woman In Me”?


101: She Made Her Film Debut In 1986 As Nancy’s Best Friend Gretchen In “Sid And Nancy”.


Who Is “Courtney Love”?


102: This Prince Song Says “Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like It’s …. This.


What Is “1999”?


103: Mariah Carey And Boyz Ii Men Sang This Song Together.


What Is “One Sweet Day”?


104: Sammy Hagar Sang “Write Me Up For 125… Take My License” Because Of This Inability.


What Is “(I) Can’t Drive 55” ?


105: This Band Included John, Roger, And Andy Taylor – All Of Whome Were No Relation To Each Other.


What Is “Duran Duran”?


106: Songs On This 1984 Movie’s Sountrack Include “Almost Paradise” And “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”.


What Is “Footloose”?


107: This British Duo’s Debut Album “The Hurting” Included The Songs “Mad World”, “Change”, And “Pale Shelter”.


Who Were “Tears For Fears”?


108: This Seventies Group Was Named For The Elements On Its Leader’s Astrological Chart.


Who Are “Earth, Wind And Fire”?


109: “Tidal”, Her 1996 Debut Album Gave Her A Tidal Wave Of Fans.


Who Is “Fiona Apple”?


110: It’s The Name Of A Sixties San Francisco Folk-Rock Band, Or, What’s Purple And Swims In The Ocean.


What Is “Moby Grape”?


111: This Duo Was “Reunited” In 1979.


Who Are “Peaches And Herb”?


112: The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Is Located In This City.


What Is “Cleveland, Ohio”?


113: To Be Eligable For Inclusion Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, Nominees Must Have Released A Record

At Least This Many Years Prior To Induction.


What Is “Twenty-Five”?


114: The Building That Houses The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Was Designed By This Chinese/American Architect.


Who Is “I.M. Pei”?


115: At Fifteen Weeks, It Is The Beatles Album That Spent The Longest Time In The No. 1 Spot In The United States.


What Is “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”?


116: Nancy “Quicker Picker Upper” Walker Directed This 1980 Film Featuring The Village People.


What Is “Can’t Stop The Music”?


117: In 1979 The Village People’s Lead Singer Victor Willis Was Replaced By Ray Simpson, Brother Of This Duo’s Valerie.


What Is “Ashford And Simpson”?


118: Pat Benatar Is A Runaway-Turned-Dancehall-Girl. In This Music Video, She Drives Away An Evil Pimp

With A Shoulder Shimmy Dance.


What Is “Love Is A Battlefield”?


119: In This Music Video, Madonna Kisses A Black Saint; Dances In A Field Of Burning Crosses;

And Experiences The Stigmata.


What Is “Like A Prayer”?


120: In This Music Video, Fonzie And The Happy Days Gang Watch Weezer Play A Gig At Al’s Diner.


What Is “Buddy Holly”?


121: The Song “Suzanne” First Appeared In This Baritone’s 1966 Book Of Poems Called Parasites Of Heaven.


Who Is “Leonard Cohen”?


122: This Country Star Released His “Limited Series” Six-Cd Set In 1998.


Who Is “Garth Brooks”?


123: “Follow Me Down” Was From The Subsonics, And “A Thousand Leaves” Was From This Other “Sonic” Group.


Who Are “Sonic Youth”?


124: She Released The Album “From The Choirgirl Hotel”.


Who Is “Tori Amos”?


125: The First Line Of This Beatles Song Is “I’m Think I’m Gonna Be Sad. I Think It’s Today”


What Is “Ticket To Ride”?


126: The First Line Of This Beatles Song Is “I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me And We Are All Together”.


What Is “I Am The Walrus”?


127: The First Line Of This Beatles Song Is: “I Once Had A Girl, Or Should I Say, She Once Had Me”.


What Is “Norwegian Wood”?


128: This Actor Can Be Heard On “The Return Of Bruno” And On The Sound- Track Of “Hudson Hawk”.


Who Is “Bruce Willis”?


129: Eric Clapton Wrote This Song For His Son Conor.


What Is “Tears In Heaven”?


130: The Righteous Brothers Tell Us That “If This Place Exists, They Have A Hell Of A Band”.


What Is “Rock And Roll Heaven”?


131: This Inxs Hit Observes “It’s Hard To Believe We Need A Place Called Hell”.


What Is “Devil Inside”?


132: She Looked Like An Angel, But Elvis Got Wise That She Was Really This……


What Is “Devil In Disguise”?


133: This Early Single From Van Halen Begins “I Live My Life Like There’s No Tomorrow”.


What Is “Runnin’ With The Devil”?


134: When She Travels, It Is Said That She Takes Along A Container Of Soil From Her Alaska Homestead.


Who Is “Jewel (Kilcher)”?


135: Joe Cocker Sang “You Are So ….. ” This.


What Is “Beautiful”?


136: It’s What The Verve Called “This Life … Trying To Make Ends Meet”.


What:  Is “A Bitter Sweet Symphony”?



137: It’s Cover Says It’s “The International Newsweekly Of Music, Video, And Home Entertainment”


What Is “Billboard Magazine”?


138: This Group Came On The Scene In 1989 With “Bleach” And Made Their Name With ….. “Nevermind” .


Who Were “Nirvana”?


139: This Band Sure Goes Through Drummers: Dave Krusen, Dave Abbruzzese, And Jack Irons.


What Is “Pearl Jam”?


140: This Group Comes Out Of A Band That Layne Staley Formed In High School.


Who Are “Alice In Chains”?


141: This 1975 John Denver Tune Was Dedicated To Jacques Cousteau And His Ship.


What Is “Calypso”?


142: Carole King Played Piano On This Singer/Songwriter’s “Sweet Baby James” Album.


Who Is “James Taylor”?


143: That’s Paul Mccartney Whispering In The Background On This Singer’s “Mellow Yellow”.


Who Is “Donovan” (Leech)?


144: The Crickets Backed Up This Group’s Don And Phil On “Til I Kissed You”.


Who Are “The Everly Brothers”?


145: One Of This Group’s “Pearls” Was “Burning For You”.


Who Are “Blue Oyster Cult”?


146: This B-52’S Song Might Go Good With A Little Drawn Butter.


What Is “Rock Lobster”?


147: Heart “Attacked” The Airwaves With This Biting Fish Tune In 1977.


What Is “Baracuda”?


148: This David Bowie Song Was Released In The United Kingdom To Coincide With The 1969 Apollo Moon Landing.


What Is “Space Oddity”?


149: Rolling Stone’s December 28, 1995 Cover Featured This Group “From Punk To Platinum”


Who Are “Green Day”?


150: “Pop Song 89” Opens Their 1988 Album “Green”.


Who Are “R.E.M.”?


151: He Made A Lot Of Green Stuff With The Success Of The Song “Evergreen” Which He Wrote With Barbra Streisand.


Who Is “Paul Williams”?


152: Name This Beegee’s Song.  “Well You Can Tell By The Way I Use My Walk, I’m A Woman’s Man, No Time To Talk”.


What Is “Stayin’ Alive”?


153: This Beegee’s Song Says “My Woman Takes Me Higher, My Woman Keeps Me Warm, What You Doin’ On Your Back”


What Is “You Should Be Dancing”?


154: This Beegee’s Song Complains: “Cause We’re Living In A World Of Fools, Breaking Us Down,

When Thay All Should Let Us Be.”


What Is “How Deep Is Your Love”?


155: In 1974, Music Critic Jon Landau Wrote “I Saw Rock And Roll’s Future And It’s Name Is ….. (This Man).


Who Is “Bruce Springsteen”?


156: Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” Was Once Heard In Tv Ads For This Food Product.


What Is “(Heinz) Ketchup”?


157: At Concerts, Van Halen Required That All The Brown Pieces Of This Candy Be Removed From Backstage.


What Are “M & M’s”?


158: These North Carolina “Swingers” With A Hot Album Take Their Name From A Peanut-Flavored Candy.


Who Are The “Squirrel Nut Zippers”?



159: In 1997, Leann Rimes Went Retro With A Remake Of This Debbie Boone Ballad.


What Is “You Light Up My Life”?


160: This Dance Song Was A Hit For Kylie Minogue In 1988; Grand Funk In 1974; And Little Eva In 1962.


What Is “The Locomotion”?


161: On The Godzilla Soundtrack, This David Bowie Song Is Covered By The Wallflowers.


What Is “Heroes”?


162: A Giant Wind Sculpture In A Seattle Park Gave This Group Its Name.


What Is “Soundgarden”?


163: According To The Beach Boys Tune, It’s What She’ll Have Till Her Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away.


What Is “Fun, Fun, Fun”?


164: “I Wanna Be Famous; A Star Of The Screen; But You Can Do Something In Between; Baby You Can….. (This)


What Is “Drive My Car”?


165: This Dishwalla Song Says “Tell Me All Your Thoughts On God ‘Cause I Would Really Like To Meet Her.”?


What Is “Counting Blue Cars”?


166: Formerly A Quartet, They Released Their Third Album “Ev3” As A Trio.


Who Are “En Vogue”?


167: Her Album “Surfacing” Surfaced At No. 2 On The Billboard Pop Chart.


Who Is “Sarah Mclachlan”?


168: “I Don’t Care Who You Are” Or “Where You’re From”, Just Name This 1997 Hit By The Backstreet Boys.


What Is “As Long As You Love Me”?


169: This Bangles No. 1 Hit Was Inspired By Symbols Found At Graceland And In A Synagogue.


What Is “Eternal Flame”?


170: Elvis Costello Assembled This Band To Back Him Up On His 1978 Album “This Year’s Model”


Who Were “The Attractions”?

171: The Songwriter Who Produced Many Of Elvis Costello’s Albums Had His Own Hit With “Cruel To Be Kind”.


Who Is “Nick Lowe”?


172: In 1986 Elvis Costello Married Kate O’riodan, Who Played Bass For This Band.


Who Were “The Pogues”?


173: This Nearly Six Minute Long Song From 1975 Returned To The Charts When It Was Featured In The Movie

“Wayne’s World”


What Is “Bohemian Rhapsody”?


174: In A 1979 Song, Earth, Wind And Fire Sang With The Emotions About Dancing Here.


What Is “Boogie Wonderland”?


175: According To The Sub-Title Of A 1974 Tony Orlando And Dawn Song, It’s The Reason For “Steppin’ Out”.


What Is “Gonna Boogie Tonight”?


176: In 1976, The Sylvers Topped The Charts With This Ailment …”I Think Its Going Around”.


What Is “Boogie Fever”?


177: This Band’s Video “Live In The Magic Kingdom” Was Shot In Their Home Town Of Anaheim.


Who Are “No Doubt”?


178: At The Start, These Unrelated “Brothers” Shared A House On Twelfth Street In San Jose, California.


Who Were “The Doobie Brothers”?


179: This “Walk On The Ocean” Band Was Formed On The Shores Of The Ocean In Santa Barbara, California.


Who Were “Toad The Wet Sprocket”?


180: In May Of 1998, This Album On The Sony Classical Label Was Knocked From Its Sixteen-Week No. 1

Spot By The Dave Matthews


What Is The “Soundtrack From Titanic”?


181: One Of Their Big Hits Was “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”.


Who Are “The Police”?



182: There She Was Just A Walkin’ Down The Street, And This Is What She Was Singing.


What Is “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”?


183: N-Trance Joined In On A Re-Make Of Their Classic “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”.


Who Was “Manfred Mann”?


184: In 1993, It Was The Trio That Sang “Makes Me Wanna Shoop, Shoop, Shoop, Shoop, Shoop, Ba-Doop”.


Who Are “Salt ‘N Peppa”?


185: Way Back In 1970 The Kinks Scored With This Song About A Cross Dresser.


What Is “Lola”?


186: This Irishman Burst On To The Scene In 1972 With His Song “Alone Again Naturally”.


Who Is “Gilbert O’sullivan”?


187: In 1978, In A Bid To Capitalize On The Disco Trend, He Sang “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” With Deniece Williams.


Who Is “Johnny Mathis”?


188: He Was The Only Person To Perform “Live” At Both Philadelphia And London’s “Live Aid” Concerts On July 13, 1985.


Who Is “Phil Collins”?


189: In 1990 This Teen Sensation Spoke Out As Judy Jetson In “Jetsons The Movie”.


Who Is “Tiffany”?


190: This Rapper-Turned-Actor Played Leonardo Dicaprio’s Best Friend In “The Basketball Diaries”.


Who Is “Mark Wahlberg” Or “Marky Mark”?


191: He Sang “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over”, But For He And Lisa Bonet, It Was Over In 1991.


Who Is “Lenny Kravitz”?


192: In The 1986 Movie “Absolute Beginners” This “Smooth Operator” Played A Torch Singer.


Who Is “Sade”?


193: In 1987 She Put Her Solo Career On Hold To Join Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times” Tour.


Who Is “Sheila E.”  (Sheila Escovedo)?

194: She Hit It Big With “Gloria” In 1982.                                                                                                                                ³Who Is


Laura Branigan”?


195: Bobby Mcferrin Sang This Hit Song “A Capella”


What Is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”?


196: The Turtles Slowly Climbed The Charts In 1967 With This Song.


What Is “Happy Together”?


197: This John Lennon Holiday Song Carries The Sub-Title “War Is Over”.


What Is “Happy X-Mas”?


198: Jenny And Linn Berggren Sing Vocals For This Swedish Quartet And Their Brother Jonas Plays Keyboards.


Who Are “Ace Of Base”?


199: These Two Sisters Are The Heart Of “Heart”.


Who Are Ann And Nancy Wilson?


200: They Had A Big Hit In 1979 With “We Are Family”.


Who Are “Sister Sledge”?


201: He’s The Baseball Player Mentioned In Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs Robinson”.


Who Is “Joe Dimaggio”?


202: Born In Manchester, England, He Was The Cute Monkee.


Who Is “Davy Jones”?


203: Before Forming The Group “Buffalo Springfield”, He Tried Out For The Monkees, But Was Rejected.


Who Is “Stephen Stills”?


204: “Hey Joe”. Betcha Didn’t Know He Opened The Monkees Summer Tour In 1967.


Who Was “Jimi Hendrix”?


205: This Song Says He Was “Strumming My Pain With His Fingers, Singing My Life With His Words.”


What Is “Killing Me Softly With His Song”? (Roberta Flack)

206: This Toni Braxton Tune Has Her “All Torn Up, Be It Fast Or Slow, It Doesn’t Let Go”.


What Is “Another Sad Love Song”?


207: “Cheers” To Rupert Holmes Who Sang This Song About Cocktails And “Getting Caught In The Rain”.


What Is “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”?


208: This Record Producer Has Had Sixteen No. 1 Albums, And Twenty-Three No. 1 Songs – The Most In Each Category.


Who Is “George Martin”? (Beatles Producer)


209: On February 7, 1964, Screaming Fans At Jfk Airport Welcomed This Band’s “Invasion” Of North America.


Who Were “The Beatles”?


210: On November 6, 1975, Punk Is Born When This Johnny Rotten Band Gives Its First Concert At A London Art School.


Who Were The “Sex Pistols”?


211: On August 1, 1982 Mtv Airs Its First Music Video. It Was …. (This) By The Buggles.


What Is “Video Killed The Radio Star”?


212: These Rockers Were “Working For The Weekend” In 1982.


What Was “Loverboy”?


213: Her Initials Stand For Kathryn Dawn.


Who Is “K.D. Lang”?


214: Contrary To Its Name, This Group That Sings “Brian Wilson” Is A Quintet Of Fully-Clothed Men.


Who Are “Barenaked Ladies”?


215: He Was Born August 1, 1942 And Died August 9, 1995 In Marin County.


Who Was “Jerry Garcia”?


216: His Album “First Offence” Contained His Career-Defining Hit “Sunglasses At Night”.


Who Is “Cory Hart”?


217: It’s No Dream. This “Fantacy” Singer’s Mother Was An Opera Singer.


Who: Is “Mariah Carey”?


218: Lauryn Hill Joined This Singer On Her 1998 Album “A Rose Is Still A Rose”.


Who Is “Aretha Franklin”?


219: David Lynch Spent Some Time In Las Vegas With Bobby Vinton Before Making This Kinky 1986 Film.


What Is “Blue Velvet”?


220: “Do You Remember” This 1989 Thriller In Which Al Pacino Fell For Ellen Barkin?


What Is “Sea Of Love”?


221: John Candy Plays A Cop Who Hooks Up With Ally Sheedy In This Film Named For A Roy Orbison Tune.


What Is “Only The Lonely”?


222: An Officer Of The Order Of The British Empire, She Had Fifteen Top Ten Hits In The Seventies And Eighties,

And Starred In 1978’S Biggest Film.


Who Is “Olivia Newton-John”?


223: In March 1957, Elvis Bought This Former Church And Turned It Into A Home.


What Is “Graceland”?


224: It Was On His Last Of Three Appearances On This Show That Elvis Presley Was Only Shown From The Waist Up.


What Was “The Ed Sullivan Show”?


225: For $4.00, Anyone Could Come Into This Man’s Memphis Recording Studio And Make A Record. Elvis Did In 1953.


Who Is “Sam Phillips”?  (Sun Records)


226: Lionel Richie Sang This No. 1 Song At The Close Of The 1984 Olympics.


What Is “All Night Long”?


227: According To Eric Clapton, It’s When “We’re Gonna Let It All Hang Down”.


What Is “After Midnight”?


228: It’s What Pat Benatar Said We Were “Runnin’ With” So “Baby Take My Hand, It’ll Be All Right”.


What Are “Shadows Of The Night”?



229: He Built The First Solid-Body Guitar, And Pioneered “Overdubbing”.


Who Is “Les Paul”?


230: “For Unlawful Carnal Knowlege” Was This Band’s Third No. 1 Album, And The First To Debut In The Top Spot.


Who Are “Van Halen”?


231: To Get An Album To Debut At No. 1, Barbra Streisand Had To Go “Back To” This Place In 1993.


What Is “Broadway”?


232: This Over-Thirty-Year-Old Rock Band Showed They Still Had It In 1995 When Their Album “Pulse”

Entered The Charts At No. 1.


Who Are “Pink Floyd”?


233: Dan Aykroyd Is A Co-Founder Of This Club That Has “Homes” In Chicago And Cambridge, Massachusetts.


What Is “The House Of Blues”?


234: This Nightclub On L.A.’S Sunset Strip Is Co-Owned By Johnny Depp.


What Is The “Viper Room”?


235: In 1968, He Opened Another Rock Club – New York’s Fillmore East.


Who Is “Bill Graham”?


236: The Sign On A Mutual Of New York Insurance Company Building Inspired The Title Of This 1968 Song.


What Is “Mony Mony”?


237: He Composed Both “Night Moves” And “We’ve Got Tonight”


Who Is “Bob Seger”?


238: He Composed “Woman” And “Imagine”.


Who Was “John Lennon”?


239: He Composed “King Of Pain” And “Every Breath You Take”.


Who Is “Sting”?



240: This 1950’S Paul Anka Classic Continues “Hold Me In Your Arms, Baby”.


What Is “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”?


241: Bootsy Collins Performed With Deee-Lite On This Funky 1990 Dance Hit.


What Is “Groove Is In The Heart”?


242: Sir Mix-A-Lot Paid Homage To The Ample Tushie With This 1992 Rap.


What Is “Baby Got Back”?


243: In 1974 They Were The First Group From Sweden To Hit No. 1 In North America.


Who Are “Blue Swede”? (Hooked On A Feeling).


244: In 1977, They Became Only The Second Group From Sweden To Hit No. 1 In North America.


Who Are “Abba”?


245: In 1967, Jimi Hendrix Made His First Major North American Appearance At This California Festival.


What Is The “Monteray Pop Festival”?


246: Haley Mills And Haley Mills Made The Top Ten In 1961 With “Lets Get Together” From This Film.


What Is “The Parent Trap”?


247: In 1961 He Was “Reelin’ And Rockin'” With The Opening Of His Own Amusement Park Near St. Louis.


Who Is “Chuck Berry”?


248: This “Dream On” Group Came Together In 1978 To Re-Make “Come Together”.


Who Is “Aerosmith”?


249: The Bangles Sang This Simon And Garfunkel Song On The “Less Than Zero” Soundtrack.


What Is “A Hazy Shade Of Winter”?


250: Her Album “Daydream” Includes A Rendition Of Journey’s “Open Arms”.


Who Is “Mariah Carey”?



251: Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone, Krayzie Bone, Flesh-N-Bone, And Layzie Bone Are All Members Of This

Cleveland Hip-Hop Group.


Who Are “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony”?


252: “Blame It On The Rain” From This Rob And Fab Duo Was Their Third No. 1 Song.


Who Were “Milli Vanilli”?


253: The Carpenters Were “On Top” Of The Charts With This Song On December 1, 1973.


What Is “Top Of The World”?


254: Disk Jockey Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots Took This Novelty Song To No. 1 In 1976.


What Is “Disco Duck”?


255: It’s How Blondie Will “Get Ya, Get Ya, Get Ya, Get Ya”.


What Is “One Way Or Another”?


256: Eddie Money Must Have Had Quite A Travel Agent To Get Him These In 1978.


What Is (Are) “Two Tickets To Paradise”?


257: This Completes Meatloaf’s “I Want You, I Need You, But There Ain’t No Way I’m Ever Gonna Love You,

Now Don’t Be Sad….


What Is “Cuz Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”?


258: Neil Young Wrote The Song “Ohio” In 1970 After Four Students Were Killed At This University.


What Is “Kent State”?


259: This Singer’s Name Is Repeated At The Start Of Her “I Feel For You”.


Who Is “Chaka Khan”?


260: In “Hey Ladies” The Beastie Boys Rhyme “Tomfoolery” With The Name Of This Singer Turned Game Show Host.


Who Is “Chuck Wollery”?


261: A 10,000 Mainiacs Song Commented On This “On The Road” Author That

“Of The San Francisco Beat Boys, You Were The Favorite”.


Who Was “Jack Kerouac”?


262: This Ska Band Added “Mighty Mighty” To Its Name So It Wouldn’t Be Confused With Another Group.


Who Are The “Mighty Mighty Bosstones”?


263: He’s The Only Original Member Of The Group “Lemonheads” To Work On “It’s A Shame About Ray”.


Who Is “Evan Dando”?


264: Aimee Mann Was The Singer For This Quartet Formed In Boston In 1983.


Who Were “Til Tuesday”?


265: In 1997 He Released “Time Out Of Mind” – His First Top Ten Album In 18 Years.


Who Is “Bob Dylan”?


266: In Vancouverite’s Terry Jacks’ 1974, “We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Had ….. These.


What Is “Seasons In The Sun”?


267: The Starland Vocal Band Gave The World This Song About Daytime Pleasures.


What Is “Afternoon Delight”?


268: This Band Sang About “The Night Chicago Died”.


Who Are “Paper Lace”?


269: The Beach Boys Had A Hit In 1988 With This Song From The Movie “Cocktail”.


What Is “Kokomo”?


270: Ub40 Topped The Charts In 1988 With This Neil Diamond Song.


What Is “Red, Red Wine”?


271: This Singer Hit No. 1 With “Wishing Well” In 1988.


Who Is “Terrance Trent D’arby”?


272: Elvis Made His One And Only Appearance On This National Radio (Later Tv) Show On October 2, 1954.


What Is “The Grand Ole Opry”?


273: “All In All” This Pink Floyd Album Has Been On The Charts For More Than 500 Weeks.


What Is “The Wall”?

274: With Over 500 Weeks On The Charts, This Jamaican’s “Legend” Is A Legend.


Who Was “Bob Marley”?


275: Ater More Than 400 Weeks On The Charts, Listeners Were Still “Hungry” For This Guns ‘N Roses Album.


What Is “Appetite For Destruction”?


276: Right Said Fred Had A High Opinion Of Itself In The Title Of This 1992 No. 1 Song.


What Is “I’m Too Sexy”?


277: Salt ‘N Peppa Discuss “All The Good Things And The Bad Things That May Be” In This Song.


What Is “Let’s Talk About Sex”?


278: This Marcy Playground Song Says She Was “Hangin’ Round Downtown By Myself And I Had Too Much Caffeine”


What Is “Sex And Candy”?


279: Billy Steinberg And Tom Kelly Wrote This 1984 No. 1 Hit For A Man, Not For Madonna.


What Is “Like A Virgin”?


280: According To Billboard Magazine, This Songwriting Duo Has Had The Most No. 1 Hits.


Who Are “Lennon And Mccartney”?


281: It Was Bruce Johnston – Not This Singer-Song Writer – Who Wrote 1975’S “I Write The Songs”?


Who Is “Barry Manilow”?


282: Songs She Wrote For Her Album “Tapestry” Include “You’ve Got A Friend” And “I Feel The Earth Move”.


Who Is “Carol King”?


283: She Is The Songwriter, Lead Singer, And Rhythm Guitarist For The Pretenders.


Who Is “Chrisie Hynde”?


284: In 1977, She Became A “Bond Girl” Singing The Title Track For “Tomorrow Never Dies”.


Who Is “Sheryl Crow”?


285: She Made Her Directorial Debut With Her Video Of “St. Teresa”.


Who Is “Joan Osborne”?

286: The Lyrics To This Rolling Stones Song Were Changed In The Studio After The Death Of Bobby Kennedy.


What Is “Sympathy For The Devil”?


287: The Year In This Janet Jackson Title Refers To When The “Star Spangled Banner” Was Written.


What Is “Rhythm Nation 1814”?


288: The Title Of This 1984 Julian Lennon Album Refers To The French Studio Where It Was Recorded.


What Is “Valotte”?


289: Many People “Found Out About” This Group With Their 1993 Album “New Miserable Experience”.


Who Are “The Gin Blossoms”?


290: His Hit “Somebody’s Baby” Was From The Movie “Fast Times At Ridgemount High”


Who Is “Jackson Browne”?


291: “The Big Top”, “Best Of My Love”, And “Brand New Key” Are On This 1997 Mark Wahlberg Film’s Soundtrack.


What Is”Boogie Nights”?


292: Bruce Springsteen Earned An Oscar Nomination For This Song About An Inmate Facing Execution.


What Is “Dead Man Walking”?


293: Born The Seventh Of Nine Children In 1958, He’s Had Over A Dozen No. 1 Hits.


Who Is “Michael Jackson”?


294: Record Producers Persuaded Barbra Streisand And Neil Diamond To Record This Song

As A Duet After Each Recorded It Solo.


What Is “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”?


295: In 1996 This Rocker Joined Barbra Streisand On “I Finally Found Someone” From The Movie

“The Mirror Has Two Faces”


Who Is Bryan Adams?


296: This Tv Tough Guy Showed His Tender Side When He Teamed Up With Barbra Streisand For “Till I Loved You”.


Who Is “Don Johnson”?



297: It’s The Now Common Technique Of “Borrowing” Music Clips That Put Biz Markie In Legal Hot Water Back In 1991.


What Is “Sampling”?


298: It’s The Name Of The Efx Machine That Prededed The Bunnymen In The Name Of A New Wave Band From Liverpool.


What Is “Echo” (And The Bunnymen)”?


299: A Staple Of Sci-Fi Films, This Electronic Instrument Made Vibrations On The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations”.


What Is A “Theremin”?


300: The Crash Test Dummies Sang “In The Days Of The Cavemen” On The Soundtrack Of This 1994 Movie.


What Is “The Flintstones”?


301: Way Back, When The “Flaming Moe” Cocktail Was Popular, This Steven Tyler Band Hung Out

And Played At A Bar Called “Moe’s”.


Who Is “Aerosmith”?


302: Homer Simpson Took The Kids To The Hullabalooza Show Where Sonic Youth And This Billy Corgan Band Performed.


Who Are “Smashing Pumpkins”?


303: This “Divine” Singer Appeared On Krusty The Clown’s Special, Helping Him Get His Show Back.


Who Is “Bette Midler”?


304: Her Marriage To Mick Jagger Ended In Divorce On November 2, 1979.


Who Is “Bianca Jagger”?


305:On July 12, 1979 Chicago Baseball Fans At Comiskey Park Destroyed Albums Of This Type Of Music,

Forcing The White Sox To Forfeit The Game.


What Is “Disco”?


306: On July 1, 1979, The Sony Corporation Introduced This Revolutionary Gadget With A Retail Price Of $200.00.


What Is A “Walkman”?


307: This Rock Pioneer Still Stands Tall, As An Eight And A Half Foot Tall Statue In Front Of Lubbock, Texas Civic Centre.


Who Was “Buddy Holly”?



308: Sonny Bono Was Mayor Of This City Before He Was Elected To Congress.


What Is “Palm Springs”?


309: Dee Snider Of This Band Spoke Out Against Advisory Labels Before The American Congress In 1985.


Who Is “Twisted Sister”?


310: Little Steven Van Zandt Recruited Over Fifty Performers For This 1985 Anti-Apartheid Anthem.


What Was “Sun City”?


311: Graham Nash Did A “Very, Very, Fine Job” Writing This Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young Song.


What Is “Our House”?


312: It Was The Talking Heads’ Biggest Hit.


What Is “Burning Down The House”?


313: This “They Might Be Giants” Song Tells Of A Blue Canary In The Outlet By The Light Switch.


What Is “Birdhouse In Your Soul”?


314: This Family, That Sang The Theme From “Hair” Was The Inspiration For Tv’s The Partridge Family.


Who Were The “Cowsills”?


315: Since He Took Up Scientology, This Soul Singer/Composer Has Become A Dj And The Voice Of “Chef”

On The Simpsons.


Who Is “Isaac Hayes”?


316: The Beastie Boys’ Adam Youch’s Interest In This Religion Led To The Tibetan Freedom Concerts.


What Is “Buddhism”?


317: Pat Boone Lost His “Gospel America” Tv Show After Flirting With This Type Of Music.


What Is “Heavy Metal”?


318: She Dedicated Her Song “Come Some Rainy Day” To Her Sister Ashley.


Who Is “Wynonna Judd”?



319: He Played “Bo Duke” On The Dukes Of Hazzard, And Had Several Country Hits In The Eighties.


Who Is “John Schneider”?


320: Willie Nelson Sang The Ending Vocals On This Singer’s 1977 Hit “Luckenbach, Texas”.


Who Is “Waylon Jennings”?


321: This Group’s 1997 No. 1 Hit Was The First By A Band Who’s Members Were All Born In The 1980’S.


Who Is “Hanson”?


322: Falco Came To Fame In 1986 With This “Classic” Tribute Song.


What Is “Rock Me Amadeus”?


323: According To The Song Title, It’s What The Stray Cats Are Going To Do “Inside Out”.


What Is “Rock This Town”?


324: This Band’s First Hit Was 1993’S “Linger”.                                                                                                                           ³Who


re “The Cranberries”?


325: I “Wonder” How This Band Got It’s Name. They Chose It After Spotting A Bakery Truck.


What Was “Bread”?


326: This Group’s 1975 Hit “You Sexy Thing” Was Featured In The Film “The Full Monty”.


Who Is “Hot Chocolate”?


327: Their “Greatest Hits 1971 – 1975” Was The First Album To Certified Platinum.


Who Are “The Eagles”?


328: Several Of The Stars From This 1980 Film Went On To Star In The Tv Series, So Baby Remember Its Name.


What Is “Fame”?


329: “This Is” The Heavy-Metal Group In Rob Reiner’s 1984 Spoof On Rock Documentaries.


Who Is “Spinal Tap”?


330: Tom Hanks Wrote, Directed, And Starred In This 1996 Film About A Group Called The Wonders.


What:  Is “That Thing You Do”?

331: The “Boo Radleys” Were Named For The Creepy, But Helpful, Neighbor Of Jem And Scout Finch In

This Gregory Peck  movie.


What Is “To Kill A Mockingbird”?


332: This “Seether” Band Got Its Name From A Bratty Girl In Roald Dahl’s “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”.


What Is “Veruca Salt”?


333: Kate Bush’s Song, Named For This Bronte Novel, Says “Heathcliff, It’s Me Cathy, Come Home”


What Is “Wuthering Heights”?


334: In 1958, This Seventeen-Year-Old Became The First Teen To Top The Pop Album Charts With His Self-Titled Record.


Who Was “Ricky Nelson”?


335: Stanley Burrell Is His Real Name, And He Was Once A Batboy For The Oakland A’s.


Who Is “M.C. Hammer”?


336: Before Singing Lead For Duran Duran, He Spent Time On An Isareli Kibbutz.


Who Is “Simon Le Bon”?


337: He Was Born In The “Small Town” Of Seymour, Indiana, And For A Time Worked As A Telephone Installer.


Who Is “John Cougar Mellancamp”?


338: “If I Wanted To”, “I’m The Only One” Who Can Sing “Come To My Window”.


Who Is “Melissa Etheridge”?


339: The Song “River” On This Natalie Merchant’s “Tiger Lily” Cd Is For This Late Actor.


Who Was “River Phoenix”?


340: “Broken” And “Fixed” Were Ep’s Released In 1992 By This Trent Reznor Group.


Who Are “Nine Inch Nails”?


341: These Two Musicians Reunited For A 1994 Acoustic Special Titled “Unledded”.


Who Are “Robert Plant & Jimmy Page”?



342: His Nickname Was “The King”


Who Was “Elvis Presley”?


343: His Nickname Is “The King Of Pop”.


Who Is “Michael Jackson”?


344: His Nickname Was “The Lizard King”.                                                                                                                                  ³Who


as “Jim Morrison”?


345: This Tokens Hit Was Adapted From The Folk Song “Wimoweh”.


What Is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”?


346: Bob Carlisle Must Have Done Something Right To Deserve A 1997 Grammy For This Ballad.


What Is “Butterfly Kisses”?


347: In 1973, Loudon Wainwright Iii Sang About One Of These In The Middle Of The Road, Stinking To High Heaven.


What Is “Dead Skunk”?


348: They Are The Two Early Albums By Queen That Share Their Names With Marx Brothers’ Movies.


What Are “A Night At The Opera” And “A Day At The Races”?


349: We’re Looking For The Missing Lead. Izzy Stradlin, Duff Mckagan, Steven Adler, Slash.


Who Is “Axl Rose”?


350: We’re Looking For The Missing Lead. Kathy Valentine, Jane Wiedlin, Gina Shock, Charlotte Caffey.


Who Is “Belinda Carlisle”?  (The Go-Go’s)


351: She’s Dave Stewart’s Lead Singer.


Who Is Annie Lennox?


352: In Their 1993 “Christmas Interpretations” Album, This R&B Quartet Sang “Let It Snow”.


Who Are Boyz Ii Men?


353: At A 1998 Benefit Concert, This “Help Me” Singer Sang “Stormy Weather” Backed By The El Nino Orchestra.


Who Is “Joni Mitchell”?

354: These German Rockers Are Ready To “Rock You Like A Hurricane”.


Who Are The “Scorpions”?


355: This Tony Orlando Hit Was Based On A True Story Of A Convict Coming Home To A Signal

That His Wife Still Loved Him.


What Is “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree”?


356: It’s The Spanish Name Of Jose Feliciano’s “I Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas”.


What Is “Feliz Navidad”?


357: In This Year, The Concorde Made It’s First Flight, Man Made His First Moon Walk, And Woodstock Was Held.


What Was “1969”?


358: This Liverpool England Group, Who Had A Hit With “Love Potion Number 9” Got Their Name From A John Wayne Film.


Who Were “The Searchers”?


359: Newsweek Dubbed Her “The Sexy Godmother Of Rock”


Who Is “Tina Turner”?


360: His Only Visit To England Was Spent Signing Autographs At A 1960 Airport Stopover.


Who Was “Elvis Presley”?


361: These Boys Gave Us “West End Girls”                                                                                                                                  ³Who


re “Pet Shop Boys”?


362: This Late Performer Was Named After Johnny Rotten’s Pet Hamster.


Who Was “Sid Vicious”?


363: Van Morrison Said It Was A Marvelous Night For This….


What Is A “Moondance”?


364: This Madonna Hit Was Critized For Allegedly Encouraging Teenage Pregnancy.


What Is “Papa Don’t Preach”?



365: It’s The Monkee’s Hit In Which The 6 O’clock Alarm Never Rings.


What Is “Daydream Believer”?


366: It’s The Sport(?) That Rod Stewart Considers Making A Living Out Of In Maggie May.


What Is “(Playing) Pool”?


367: It Was What Roy Was Told Not To Be, In Paul Simon’s 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.


What Is “Coy”?


368: It Was The J. Geils Band’s Only No. 1 Hit.                                                                                                                           ³What


s “Centerfold”?


369: It’s The Company Who Pioneered The “Flying V” Electric Guitar Favored By Many Heavy Metal Groups.


What Is “Gibson”?


370: This Beatles Song Opens “This Happened Once Before, When I Came To Your Door”.


What Is “No Reply”?


371: In This Song, Simon & Garfunkel Say That “Heaven Holds A Place For Those Who Pray.”


What Is “Mrs Robinson”?


372: In This 1969 Elvis Presley Hit, The Last Line Says “And His Momma Cries”.


What Is “In The Ghetto”?


373: In 1972, She Declared To The World “If I Have To, I Can Do Anything”


Who Is “Helen Ready”?


374: This Blondie Effort Was Adopted By The University Of Alabama Football Team.


What Is “The Tide Is High”?


375: It’s Where The Drifters Go, “When This Old World Starts Getting Me Down”.


What Is “Up On The Roof”?


376: This Is How Many More Times The Eagles Say To Take It To The Limit.


What Is “One”?

377: They Were Slappin Time While Bobby Mcgee Was Clappin Hands.


What Are “Windshield Wipers”?


378: This Group’s “Raising Hell” Was The First Rap Group To Go Platinum.


Who Are “Run Dmc”?


379: In This Hit Song, Carol King Laments “One Of Us Is Changing, Or Maybe We’ve Just Stopped Trying”.


What Is “It’s Too Late”?


380: This Boozy Eagles Song Invites “Take Another Shot Of Courage”.


What Is “Tequila Sunrise”?


381: It’s What The Streets Are Paved With In Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds Of Silence”.


What Is “Cobblestone”?


382: It’s The Word That Begins Song Titles Ending With: “A Gold Mine In The Sky”;

“A Moon Out Tongiht”; And “Something On Your Mind”.


What Is “There’s”?


383: It’s The Country That Spawned The Rock Group Inxs.


What Is “Australia”?


384: It’s What The Boxtops Want A Ticket For In The First Line Of “The Letter”.


What Is “An Aeroplane”?


385: Before It Rose To No. 1 On The Charts, Members Of Reo Speedwagon Refered To This Song As “That Stupid Ballad”.


What Is “Can’t Fight This Feeling”?


386: According To The Eagles, There’s Plenty Of Room There.


What Is The “Hotel California”?


387: This Hugely Successful Manager Was Never In The Military. In Fact He Started Out As A Dog Catcher In Miami.


Who Was “Colonel Tom Parker”?



388: In 1979, This Australian Group Asked If We’d Heard About The Lonesome Loser.


Who Were The “Little River Band”?


389: Alphabetically, She’s The First Female The Rolling Stones Sang About.


Who Is “Angie”?


390: It’s The Beatles Song That Stayed Longest At The Top Of The Charts.


What Is “Hey Jude”? (9 Weeks At No. 1)


391: This Rock Group Was Inducted Into The Grammy Hall Of Fame In 1986, Even Though It Had Never Won A Grammy.


Who Are “The Rolling Stones”?


392: This Irish Singer’s 1986 Album Was Titled “No Guru, No Method, No Teacher”


Who Is “Van Morrison”?


393: It’s The Marvin Gaye Song That Was Resurected For A California Raisins Commercial.


What Is “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”?


394: It’s The Word That Begins Song Titles Ending With “Date”, “Waltz” And “Kiss”.


What Is “Last”?


395: This Singer’s Biggest Hit Starts Out “I Heard He Sang A Good Song, I Heard He Had A Style”.


Who Is “Roberta Flack”? (Killing Me Softly With His Song)


396: It’s The Parenthetical Sub-Title Of T-Rex’s “Bang A Gong”.


What Is “Get It On”?


397: According To Jim Croce, He “Looked Like A Jigsaw Puzzle With A Couple Of Pieces Gone.”


Who Was “Bad Leroy Brown”?


398: In 1978, Fleetwood Mac Told Us Not To Stop Thinking About This.


What Is “Tomorrow”?


399: He’s The Canadian Musician Who Led The Blues Brothers Band.


Who Is “Paul Schaefer”?

400: It’s What Lee Is Advised To “Drop Off” In Simon & Garfunkel’s “Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover”.


What Is “The Key”?


401: This Song Has Glen Campbell “Getting Cards And Letters From People I Don’t Even Know”.


What Is “Rhinestone Cowboy”?


402: This Queen Smash Hit Reports: “Out Of The Doorway The Bullets Rip To The Sound Of The Beat”.


What Is “Another One Bites The Dust”?


403: According To Peter, Paul & Mary, He Was Jackie Paper’s Best Friend.


Who Was “Puff The Magic Dragon”?


404: Her Name Is Pronounced “Shar-Day”, But It’s Spelled This Way.


What Is “S.A.D.E.”?


405: This Joni Mitchell Song Protests: “They Paved Paradise, And Put Up A Parking Lot”.


What Is “Big Yellow Taxi”?


406: These Are What The Singer’s Mother Sewed On The House Of The Rising Sun.


What Are My “New Blue Jeans”?


407: They Were The First Father/Daughter Duo To Hit The Top Of The Charts.


Who Were “Frank & Nancy Sinatra”? (Something Stupid)


408: This Beatles Song Was The Top-Selling British Single Of All Time With Sales Of Over 15 Million.


What Is “I Want To Hold Your Hand”?


409: This Oldies Icon Had 37 Top-40’S, And Eleven Top-10’S, But Was Never Credited With A No. 1 Hit.


Who Is “Fats Domino”?


410: He Reached No. 1 On The Charts Twice With “The Twist”.


Who Is “Chubby Checker”?


411: She Gave Us “The Mashed Potatoes”.


Who Is “Dee Dee Sharp”?

412: They Gave Us “The Stroll”.



Who Were “The Diamonds”?


413: This Former Disk Jockey Told The World How To “Walk The Dog”.


Who Is “Rufus Thomas”?


414: She Hit No. 1 In 1962 With “The Locomotion”.


Who Is “Little Eva”?


415: Their Only Top Ten Hit Taught Us How To Dance The “Mexican Hat Dance”.


Who Were “Dave Appel & The Applejacks”?


416: This Short-Lived Dance Craze Was Also The Orlons Biggest Hit.


What Is The “Wah Watusi”?


417: The Name Of A Nightclub Gave This Joey Dee & The Starlighters Dance Hit It’s Name.


What Is The “Peppermint Twist”? (Peppermint Lounge)


418: The Kids From Bristol Are Sharp As A Thistle When They Do This.


What Is “The Bristol Stomp”? (Dovells)


419: One Of The Few British Dances “The Freddy” Came From This Dreamy Group.


Who Were “Freddy & The Dreamers”?


420: It Was Conway Twitty’s First No. 1 Hit.                                                                                                                              ³What


s “It’s Only Make Believe”?


421: In 1981 He Was Known As The “Super Freak”?


Who Is “Rick James”?


422: This First Solo Effort By Ex-Beatle George Harrison Stayed Atop The Charts For Four Weeks.


What Is “My Sweet Lord”?



423: In 1972, Albert Hammond Told Us That It Never Rains Here..


What Is “Southern California”?


424: It’s The Colour Mentioned In The No. 1 Song By Nino Temple & April Stevens.


What Is “Deep Purple”?


425: He Had Back To Back #1 Hits In 1976/77 With “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” And “When I Need You”.


Who Is “Leo Sayer”?


426: It’s The Last Train’s Destination In This Monkees’ #1 From 1966.


What Is “Clarksville”?


427: In 1958, The Monotones Asked Us Who Wrote This Book..


What Is The “Book Of Love”?


428: He Gave Us Titles That Featured “Jenny, Molly, Sally, And Lucille”.


Who Is “Little Richard”?


429: They Told Mrs. Brown She Had A Lovely Daughter.


Who Were “Herman’s Hermits”?


430: This High-Flying Bird Teamed Up With Stevie Nicks To Give Us “Leather And Lace”


Who Is “Don Henley”? (Of The Eagles)


431: This Early 70’S Canadian Group Took Their Name From A Character In Winnie The Poo.


What Was “Edward Bear”?


432: According To The Carpenters, These Two Things Always Get Me Down.


What Are “Rainy Days And Mondays”?


433: In Eric Carmen’s First Big Hit, He Tells Us He Doesn’t Want To Be This…


What Is “All By Myself”?


434: Jimmy Buffet Thinks You Can Find A Cheeseburger Here.


What Is “Paradise”?

435: He Was Born “In A Village Hidden Deep In The Valley”.


Who Was “Little Jimmy Brown”? (Three Bells By The Browns)


436: In His First Top 10 Hit, James Brown Tells Us Pappa’s Got One Of These.


What Is “A Brand New Bag”?


437: They Are The Vegetables Mentioned In Booket T & The Mg’s Biggest Hit.


What Are “Green Onions”?


438: For This Top Selling Song Of 1977, Debby Boone Won A Grammy.


What Is “You Light Up My Life”?


439: In 1961, He Danced Til A “Quarter To Three”.


Who Was “Gary U.S. Bonds”?


440: According To The Beastie Boys, This Is What You Have To Fight For.


What Is “The Right To Party”?


441: This Is When They’ll Rock And Roll, According To The Bay City Rollers.


What Is “Saturday Night”?


442: It’s How The Bangles Tell Us To Walk.                                                                                                                                ³What


s “Like An Egyptian”?


443: It Was Bachman Turner Overdrive’s Only #1 Hit.


What Is “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”? (1974)


444: His “Blue Suede Shoes” Hit #2 A Month Before Elvis Presley’s Version.


Who Is “Carl Perkins”?


445: Originally Called “Sparrow”, This “Wild” Canadian Group Found “Magic” In California

When They Changed Their Name To This…


What Is “Steppenwolf”?



446: This “Cat” Was Born Steven Georgiou, And Now Calls Himself Yusef Islam.


Who Is “Cat Stevens”?


447: The Statler Brothers Scored A Cross-Over Hit By Counting These.


What Are “Flowers On The Wall”?


448: It’s Where Stealer’s Wheel Say They’re Stuck.


What Is “In The Middle With You”?


449: Jim Stafford’s Girl Tells Him She “Don’t Like” These…


What Are “Spiders And Snakes”?


450: The Stray Cats Wanted Us To “Rock This Town”, While The Hues Corporation Wanted Us To Rock This…


What Is “Rock The Boat”?  (#1 June ’74)


451: He Teamed Up With Linda Ronstadt To Create “Somewhere Out There” From The Movie “An American Tail”.


Who Is “James Ingram”?


452: It’s What Let Burl Ives Down.


What Is “A Little Bitty Tear”? (#9, 1962)


453: It’s The Time Of Day When Paul Simon “Blew That Crowd Away”.


When Is “Late In The Evening”? (#6, 1980)


454: In 1972, Sonny And Cher Told Us This Person’s Work Is Never Done.


What Is “A Cowboy”?


455: He Owned A Camel Named Clyde.                                                                                                                                        ³Who


as “Ahab The Arab”? (Not Ray Stevens)


456: According To Sting’s First Top 10 Hit, “If You Love Somebody, It’s What You Should Do.


What Is “Set Them Free”?


457: He’s The “Paul” Of Peter, Paul & Mary.                                                                                                                               ³Who


Who’s “Paul Stookey”?

458: This “Bad Girl” Was The “Queen Of Disco”.


Who Is “Donna Summer”?


459: It “Makes Sense” That This Was Supertramp’s Biggest Hit.


What Is “The Logical Song”?


460: James Taylor Took This Jimmy Jones Hit To #4 In 1977.


What Is “Handy Man”?


461: Before Striking Out On His Own, This Irishman Was The Lead Singer For “Them”.


Who Is “Van Morrison”?


462: According To Three Dog Night, Jerimiah Was One Of These.


What Is A “Bullfrog”?


463: This Guitar-Based Band Had Two Top 10 Hits With Their Signature Tune “Walk – Don’t Run”.


Who Were “The Ventures”?


464: Steve Mandell & Eric Weissberg Delivered This Top 10 Hit.


What Is “Dueling Banjos”?


465: This American’s First Of Many Top Ten Hits Was “Canadian Sunset”.


Who Is “Andy Williams”? (#7, 1956)


466: Pearl Jam Took “Last Kiss” To #2 In 1999. This Group Did It In 1964.


Who Are “J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers”?


467: Ledgendary Disk Jockey Wolfman Jack Appeared On Hit Records By Both Of These Canadian Groups.


Who Are “The Guess Who” And “The Stampeders”? (Clap For The Wolf>


468: They’re Also Known As “Jeff Townes And Will Smith”.


Who Are “D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince”?


469: It’s Where Fats Domino “Found His Thrill”.                                                                                                                           ³What


What’s “Blueberry Hill”?

470: She Married Country Star Waylon Jennings In 1969, But Her Name Is “Not Lisa”.


Who Is Jessi Colter? (I’m Not Lisa #4, 1975)


471: Petula Clark Cautioned Us Not To Sleep There.


What Is “In The Subway”?


472: A Year Before He “Hit The Road” In 1961, This Man Had A #1 Hit With “Georgia On My Mind”.


Who Is “Ray Charles”?


473: Jimmy Seals & Dash Crofts As Well As Glen Campbell Were All One-Time Members Of This “Tequila” Group.


Who Were “The Champs”?


474: They Weren’t Cavemen, But Their “Troglodyte” Went Gold In 1972.


Who Were “The Jimmy Castor Bunch”?


475: Playboy’s Funny-Man Shel Silverstein Contributed This – Johnny Cash’s Biggest Hit.


What Is “A Boy Named Sue”?


476: This Boston-Based Group, Led By Ric Ocassek, Were Mostly “On The Road” From 1978 Til Their Break-Up In 1988.


Who Were “The Cars”?


477: The Carpenters Took This “Marvelettes” Tune To #1 In 1974.


What Is “Please Mr. Postman”?


478: When This Person Saw “Lovers In The Park, He’d Pass A Lamp And Leave It Dark.”


Who Was “The Old Lamplighter” (The Browns #5, 1960)


479: He’s Also Known As “The Godfather Of Soul”.


Who Is “James Brown”?


480: It’s Bread’s Shortest Title And One Of Their Biggest Hits.


What Is “If”?


481: Heart Of Glass Is To Blondie, As Heart Of Gold Is To Who…


Who Is “Neil Young”?

482: Abba Repeated This Phrase Five Times In The Title Of This 1976 Hit.


What Is “I Do” (#15, 1976)


483: It’s The Transportation Used By “America” To “Cross The Desert”.


What Is “On A Horse With No Name”?


484: Completely Different Songs – With This Same Title – Were Hits For Jack Jones, Kenny Rogers, Styx, Whispers,

And The Little River Band


What Is “Lady”?


485: They Introduced The World To “Tyrone Shoelaces”, “Sister Mary Elephant”, And “Alice Bowie”.


Who Are “Cheech And Chong”?


486: He Never Appeared On Hockey Night In Canada, But He Had A Top 10 Hit In 1955 With Band Of Gold..


Who Was “Don Cherry”?


487: This “Royal Member” Gave Gene Chandler His Only Top 10 In 1962.


Who Is The “Duke Of Earl”?


488: Although They Were Artificial, They Gave Both Anita Bryant And Marie Osmond Top Ten Hits.


What Are “Paper Roses”?


489: This “Pineapple Princess” Was A Former “Mousekateer”.


Who Is “Annette (Funicello)”?


490: It’s The Playing Card That Juice Newton Sang About In 1981.


What Is The “Queen Of Hearts”?


491: Jody Miller Answered Roger Miller’s King Of The Road With This Top- 20 Hit In 1965.


What Is “Queen Of The House”?


492: It’s Where Jan & Dean’s “Little Old Lady” Hailed From.


What Is “Pasadena”?



493: In 1955, The Four Aces Told Us That Love Is…. This.


What Is “A Many Splendored Thing”?


494: Tennessee Ernie Ford Told Us “This” Is What You Get For Loading Sixteen Tons.


What Is “Another Day Older And Deeper In Debt”?


495: Born Jack Scarfone In Windsor, Ontario He Had Top 10 Hits With “My True Love”, “Goodbye Baby”, And

“Burning Bridges”.


Who Is “Jack Scott”?


496: This “Poor Little Fool” Had His First #1 Hit In July Of 1958.


Who Was “Rick(Y) Nelson”?


497: It’s Who Gene Pitney Said Was “The Bravest Of Them All”.


What Is “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence”? (#4, 1962)


498: It Was Both The Pointer Sisters Biggest Hit, And Eric Clapton’s Nickname.


What Is “Slow Hand”?


499: It Made The Top 10 In 1961 And Again 25 Years Later In 1986. It’s Often Been Called Ben E. King’s Signature Tune.


What Is “Stand By Me”?


500: This Song, Dolly Parton’s First Cross-Over Number 1 Hit Told The Story Of A Working Girl.


What Is “9 To 5”?