1) Which US state has four letters, the first and last the same?

2) What color is Phoebe’s hair on Friends?

3) Who found fame hen he was left Home Alone?

4) In which decade was Drew Barrymore born?

5) Which Lionel sang with the Commodores?

6) What group was made up of the Gibbs?

7) The Vince Lombardi trophy is awarded in what sport?

8) What ex-husband of Demi Moore was the psychiatrist in The Sixth Sense?

9) Which Matt was the Private Ryan in the Spielberg movie?

10) What is the real name of Crocodile Dundee?

11) In which country do they eat Singing Hinnies – Germany or England?

12) How many lines are in three limericks?

13) How many square inches are in a square foot?

14) What is the capital of Michigan?

15) What was Elvis Presley’s middle name?

16) In Free Willy, was Willy an Orca or Blue Whale?

17) Which Mick was once married to Jerry Hall?

18) Who created the cube of the late 70’s and 80’s craze?

19) What is the largest internal organ of the human body?

20) Seinfeld ran how many episodes – 140 or 180?

21) Which musical is based on Romeo and Juliet?

22) Where is a human’s jugular vein?

23) Which word for a children’s nurse is also a female goat?

24) What is the astronomical term for falling stars?

25) Which Geena starred in A League of Their Own?

26) Who won the Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather?

27) What term means related to the moon? Lunar

28) Grandfather, cuckoo, and carriage are all types of what?

29) Who replaced Nixon after Watergate?

30) Which drug was launched in the 90’s as a cure for impotence?

31) What is the Eiffel  Tower made of – iron or steel?

32) Key Largo is off the coast of what state?

33) What makes the heart grow fonder?

34) What is mightier than the sword?

35) What bird catches the worm?

36) What killed the cat?

37) What John starred in Grease in 1978?

38) If a website end with .au, what country is it from?

39) True or False On Friends, Phoebe’s twin sister was named Chloe>

40) In which garden did Adam and Eve live?

41) What comedy has episodes titled “The One With…”?

42) What vegetable did Popeye eat?

43) What does a Geiger counter detect?

44) Who sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?

45) What was Buddy Holly’s real first name – Robert or Charles?

46) In which decade did Roseanne first air – 70’s or 80’s

47) Osteoporosis is a weakness and brittleness of what?

48) Iceburg is a type of what food?

49) Slash was a member of what rock group?

50) In Science, what did Robert Bunsen invent?

1) Ohio

2) Blonde

3) McCauley Caulkin

4) 70’s

5) Ritchie

6) Bee Gees

7) Football

8) Bruce Willis

9) Damon

10) Paul Hogan

11) England

12) 15

13) 144

14) Lansing

15) Aaron

16) Orca

17) Jagger

18) Rubik

19) Liver

20) 180

21) West Sid eStory

22) Neck

23) Nanny

24) Meteors

25) Davis

26) Marlon Brando

27) Lunar

28) Clocks

29) Ford

30) Viagra

31) Iron

32) Florida

33) Absence

34) Pen

35) Early

36) Curiosity

37) Travolta

38) Australia

39) False

40) Eden

41) Friends

42) Spinach

43) Radioactivity

44) Cindi Lauper

45) Charles

46) 1980’s

47) Bones

48) Lettuce

49) Guns and Roses

50) Bunsen Burner