1. In which movie would you hear the song Hakuna Matata?



2. What is the name of the dog in Garfield?



3. What Disney movie has a cowboy named Woody?



4. In what city is the Golden Gate Bridge?



5. What is the world’s smallest bird?



6. True or False  There are volcanoes on Mars.



7 Where does the character finally try Sam-I-Am’s green eggs and ham, in the water, in a house, or on a train?



8. What is the largest internal organ in the human body?



9. In NFL, what city are the Lions from?



10. What is the only state that borders only one state?












11. What type of commercial aired for the last time on December 31, 1970?



12. Coal Miner’s daughter had Sissy Spacek playing what country music star?



13. What actor starred in Raising Arizona, Con Air, and Face/Off?



14. This game consists of a deck of 108 colorful cards and has a ‘one’ word name.



15. Who sung the song “Pour Some Sugar On Me’?



16. In 1972 what was the only NFL team to go a season undefeated?



17. What soda claims to have twice the caffeine as competitors?



18. What classic TV show had two couple named Mertz and Ricardo?



19. True or False  Lizzie Borden was executed for the murder of her parents?



20. What vine’s flowers are known for their sweet honey-like nectar?









21. Which company produced Toy Story and A Bug’s Life for Disney – DreamWorks or Pixar?



22. In what year did the Empire State building open – 1931, 1941, or 1951?



23. What is the capital of Florida?



24. What 2004 movie had the tagline “How much blood would you shed to stay alive?”?



25. Finish the line to this Animals song “My mother was a tailor, she sawed my new _____________”.



26. In the movie The Crow who played the main character Eric Draven?



27. What is a spermologer interested in – insects, trivia, or whales?



28. What is the name of the TV show about Clark Kent in his teen years?



29. In Goldilocks and the Three Bears, whose porridge is cold?



30. Who sang these lyrics: “Well the weeks went by and Spring turned to Summer and Summer faded into Fall and it turns out he was a missing person who nobody missed at all”?





31. Who am I? I lived in Binghamton, NY. I am famous for the Twilight Zone – Rod Serling or Ray Bradbury.



32. How many original US Marshals were there – 13, 50, or 150?



33. Finish this ‘Oldies’ band name: Frankie Valli and the Four ________________.



34. The name of the beautiful woman who caused the Trojan War was: _____________ of Troy.



35. In golf, what is a score of one stroke over par – eagle, bogie, or birdie?



36. What is Scotland’s largest city – Glasgow or Edinburgh?



37. What is the second sign of the zodiac?



38. What animal was Watership Down a novel about?



39. True or False  When facing a rainbow the sun is behind you.



40. True or False  Santana was the first band to perform at Woodstock ‘69.








41. Who was the first baseball player to strike out 1000 times, in 1930?



42. The Oregon trail ended in what state?



43. Eddie Murphy first played Axel Foley in what movie?



44. What are three consecutive strikes called in bowling?



45. What band sings ‘Hell’s Bells’?



46. In the Eagles song Take it Easy, how many women were “on my mind“?



47. True or False  Richard Hatch was the original “Survivor”.



48. True or False  A compass needle points to true north.



49. In the title of the Jules Verne book, how many days does it take to go ‘around the world‘?



50. In which month did the stock market crash in 1929 – October or November? .









1. The Lion King


2. Odie


3. Toy Story


4. San Francisco


5. Hummingbird


6. True


7. In the water


8. Liver


9. Detroit


10. Maine


11. Cigarette


12. Loretta Lynn


13. Nicholas Cage


14. Uno


15. Def Leppard


16. Miami Dolphins


17. Jolt


18. I Love Lucy


19. False


20. Honeysuckle


21. Pixar


22. 1931


23. Tallahassee


24. Saw


25. Blue jeans


26. Brandon Lee


27. Trivia


28. Smallville


29. Mama Bear


30. Dixie Chicks


31. Rod Serling


32. 13


33. Seasons


34. Helen


35. Bogie


36. Glasgow


37. Taurus


38. Rabbits


39. True


40. False


41. Babe Ruth


42. Oregon


43. Beverly Hills Cop


44. Turkey


45. AC/DC


46. Seven


47. True


48. False magnetic north


49. 80 days


50. October