1. Which country allowed women to vote first the US or New Zealand?



2. ‘If life gives you lemons _____________________________’



3. Which of the ‘Friends’ worked as a chef?



4. True or False  Jupiter is the second largest planet.



5. Where would you most likely find an aircraft carrier land or sea?



6. What are the first three words of the song American Pie?



7. How many inches are in 3 yards?



8. Which country boy recorded The Red Strokes?



9. What is the world’s smallest, flattest, and driest continent?



10. What country did lasagna originate from?












11. In which city does the Tour de France finish?



12. Approximately how many domestic breeds of dog are there 200 or 400?



13. In the bible who was the mother of Jesus?



14. Who was Peter Pan’s greatest enemy?



15. In her 1985 hit what kind of a girl was Madonna?



16. What unit is used to measure horses hands or feet?



17. What is the emblem of Canada?



18. What are birds of a feather said to do?



19. What was the first Harry Potter film called?



20. What were Donna’s parents’ names on That 70’s Show?












21. If your birthday is March 18, what is your zodiac sign?



22. Which girl had Adventures Through the Looking Glass?



23. In which decade was prohibition imposed in the US 1920’s or 1930’s?



24. What is the postal abbreviation of Alaska?



25. Key West airport is in which state?



26. Which organ of the body is mentioned in the theme song to Titanic?



27. How many planets are in our solar system?



28. What is added to milk to make porridge>



29. True or False  Jim Henson created The Muppets



30. Was The Godfather set in Chicago or New York City?











31. Which country did the Pharaohs rule?



32. What Great disaster befell London in 1666 fire or plague?



33. How many colors are on the Canadian flag?



34. What is the name of the youngest family member of the ‘Simpsons’?



35. In which family did Morticia have an Uncle Fester?



36. Which Tom married Nicole Kidman?



37. Which lasted longer WWI or WWII?



38. Who played the title role in the movie Erin Brokovich?



39. Where in the UK do people go to sight the monster Nessie?



40. How many in a baker’s dozen?












41. Which chain has more stores 7-11 or Starbucks?



42. True or False  Richard Gere’s middle name is Tiffany.



43. True or False. King Henry the VIII had no legitimate sons.



44. What color are emeralds.



45. Which town do the Flintstones live in?



46. Which Beatle was younger George or Ringo?



47. Which president did John Hinkley Jr. shoot?



48. What is the best selling book of all time?



49. What is the maximum score you can get with 3 darts?



50. What is a fear of enclosed spaces?













1. New Zealand



2. Make lemonade



3. Monica



4. False



5. Sea



6. A long, long



7. 108



8. Garth Brooks



9. Australia



10. Italy



11. Paris



12. 400



13. Mary



14. Captain Hook

15. Material



16. Hands



17. Maple leaf



18. Flock together



19. Sorcerer’s Stone



20. Bob and Midge



21. Aries



22. Alice



23. 1920s



24. AK



25. Florida



26. Heart



27. Nine



28. Oats

29. True



30. New York



31. Egypt



32. Fire



33. Two



34. Maggie



35. Addams



36. Cruise



37. WWII



38. Julia Roberts



39. Loch Ness



40. 13



41. Starbucks



42. True

43. False



44. Green



45. Bedrock



46. George



47. Reagan



48. Bible



49. 180



50. Claustrophobia