1) What was Halloween originally called?



2) Every Halloween Charlie Brown helps his friend Linus wait for who to appear?



3) Who sings The Monster Mash – Dr. Demento or Bobby Pickett?



4) Which phobia do you suffer from if you have an intense fear of Halloween, samhainophobia or hallowphobia?



5) What does the name Dracula mean – evil one or Devil’s son?



6) In medieval times, what was commonly used as a cure for leprosy – a pumpkin or a spider?



7) What does the word witch mean – wicked one or wise one?



8) Why does a witch commonly appear with a black cat – for protection or for spell casting?



9) What is another word for a witch’s black cat?



10) True or False  Halloween is always October 31st.









11) Who wrote the young adult series Goosebumps?



12) How many movies were there in the Friday the 13th series?



13) What is the night before Halloween called?



14) “It was a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater sure _______   _______  _______  _______  “



15) In “The Twelve Days of Christmas”  what was given on the sixth day?



16) On Halloween, what do folks traditionally bob for?



17) Which country celebrates the Day of the Dead – Spain or Mexico?



18) Do pumpkins grow on vine or bushes?



19) What are male witches called?



20) Finish this phrase: Trick or treat smell my feet___________________________



21) What was the name of the serial killer in the movie Halloween – Michael or Jason?



22) In Scotland did they originally carve turnips or tomatoes into jack-o-lanterns?



23) What was the most popular Halloween candy last year Tootsie Rolls or candy corn?



24) Which costume was more popular in 2004 Spiderman or George W. Bush?



25) How much did the world’s biggest pumpkin weigh 685 or 1,385?



26) How many pounds of candy did the average American consume in 2005 – 10 lbs. or 24 lbs.?



27) How many ‘witches’ were burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trials – 0, 12, or 23?



28) What is the fear of witches called – wiccaphobia or nyctophobia?



29) On this show originally airing on the WB, two brothers named Sam and Dean chased down urban legends and local ghost stories Super_________.



30) If a little boy shows up at your door dressed in red carrying a sign that says tickle me, he would be this Sesame Street Character _________________________________’

(Don’t answer the door if it’s a grown man!!!)


Guess the costume.

Trick or Treat! You open the door and see:



31) A beautiful girl in a ball gown wearing only one slipper.



32) An evil little guy wearing red and carrying a pitchfork.



33) Wow! A ninja. You ask the kid if he’s from around He says no, my zip code is 90210. He’s a character from the movie,,,



34) Next guy has a Mohawk and a lot gold necklaces. He tells you he was a wrestler and his new TV show ‘I Pity the Fool” can be seen on TV Land.



35) The next little candy beggar is clever. You give him a piece of candy and bets you double or nothing you can’t figure out his costume. He has on scrubs like he’s working in the Emergency Room. But he’s equipped to rob a casino.



36) The next trick or treater shows up with his friend, Irene. He says I can’t lie, my costume sucks. He starts to fight with himself. Your night just gets Dumb and Dumber! He’s dressed as the actor…



37) Finally! A normal little girl who looks so sweet! But then…she tells you a strange story about being in a place called Never Never land with a boy who wouldn’t grow up. She is…



38) Oh! The next costume is ‘Fresh’! Look at this little ‘Man in Black’. He’s dresses like a cowboy from the ‘Wild Wild West.



39) Look! Up in the sky! It’s not Superman, but doesn’t that giant make you feel like a Lilliputian?



40) We’re exhausted! One last piece of candy to give away. Hey! I didn’t hear the doorbell ring! How did you get in here kid? I don’t care if you are a friendly ghost, you have to knock!




41) What candy boasts they are ‘America’s Top Fruit Chew’ – Starburst or Twizzler?



42) What cartoon’s slogan is ‘Gotta catch ‘em all’?



43) Was Dracula a duke or a count?



44) Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables?



45) Where does Harry Potter go to school?



46) Who wrote Dracula?



47) What is arachnophobia?



48) What is a female lion called?



49) Which president is said to haunt the White House – Lincoln or Hoover?



50) Who was lured into incarceration by a witch who lived in the forest in a house made of sweets?




1) All Hallow’s Eve



2) Great Pumpkin



3) Bobby Pickett



4) Samhainophobia



5) Devil’s son



6) A spider



7) Wise one



8) For protection



9) Familiar



10) True



11) RL Stine



12) 9 or 10 (The last one was called Jason X)



13) Devil’s night or mischief night



14) Looked strange to me

15) Six geese a-laying



16) Apples



17) Mexico



18) Vines



19) Warlocks



20) Give me something good to eat



21) Michael



22) Turnips



23) Candy corn



24) Spiderman



25) 1,385



26) 24



27) Zero, they were all hanged but one who was pressed to death



28) Wiccaphobia

29) Supernatural



30) Elmo



31) Cinderella



32) Devil



33) Beverly Hills Ninja



34) Mr. T



35) George Clooney



36) Jim Carrey



37) Wendy



38) Will smith



39) Gulliver



40) Casper



41) Starburst



42) Pokemon

43) Count



44) Fruit



45) Hogwarts



46) Bram Stoker



47) Fear of spiders



48) Lioness



49) Lincoln



50) Hansel and Gretel