1. What “Blue” river flows from the Black Forest to the Black Sea?



2. What does the word dinosaur mean – great monster or terrible lizard?



3. What type of shark was Jaws?



4. Whose nickname was Satchmo – Duke Ellington or Louis Armstrong>



5. How many hosts are there on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?



6. Which of these men were president most recently – Warren Harding or Herbert Hoover?



7. True or False  At age 21 Edgar Allen Poe was expelled from West Point.



8. On a Thursday night in 1997, what show starring George Clooney did an episode twice, live, once for each coast?



9. What is the closest star to the Earth?



10. ‘The Hustler’ was a movie about playing pool or playing poker?








11. What is the capital of Georgia?



12. What color was the famous dinosaur created in the mid 1980’s by Sheryl Leach?



13. When was John F. Kennedy assassinated – 1961, 1963, or 1965?



14. Where can you find Dracula’s Castle?



15. In what movie does a team of prisoners called the Mean Machine play football against a team of guards?



16. True or False  ‘Yesterday’ was written by John Lennon.



17. What song begins ‘Sleigh bells ring are you listening. In the lane snow is glistening.’?



18. If you’re described as ‘brazen’ either you’re shameless or you’re made of what material?



19. True or False  A Joey (baby kangaroo) is the size of a thimble at birth.



20. In what city does Seinfeld take place?








21. What was Beaver and Wally’s last name?



22. What stadium has a gigantic apple in right center field?



23. True or False  The USA has more doctors than China.



24. Who is Charlie Sheen’s brother?



25. True or False  ‘It’s Raining Men’ was originally recorded by The Weather Girls.



26. It Wasn’t Me. Which singer served as a marine with the US during the Persian Gulf War?



27. Billy Ray Cyrus stars as Dr. Clint Cassidy on what show?



28. In what year did Edwin H. Land introduce the first Polaroid instant image camera?



29. What is the capital of Hawaii?



30. Good night, John Boy. What long running series was based on the TV movie ‘The Homecoming’?









31. The average heart beats how many time per minute – 72, 99, or 108?



32. What two birds did Joey and Chandler keep as pets?



33. On what show did a character’s fiancée die after licking cheap envelopes?



34. How many legs do ants have?



35. Created by Clifton Hillagrass, beloved by students, what books covers are yellow and black?



36. What type of scientist studies stars, planets and galaxies?



37. True or False  TV Guide’s first issue was published in 1975.



38. What island did Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen discover on Easter in 1722?



39. What “jiggy” actor refused to kiss another man while filming “Six Degrees of Separation”?



40. What would you find on channel 9 of a CB radio – news and weather, or emergency messages?







41. The hull of which ship, sunk at Pearl Harbor, is now covered by steel and concrete – USS Arizona or USS Hudson?



42. Who recorded the song ‘Dreams’ which had the opening line “Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom.”?



43. What network created a Must See TV lineup that once dominated Thursday evenings?



44. What is it called when you have trouble seeing things only close up?



45. What Pennsylvania city is called Chocolate Town?



46. What is the name of Tommy’s dad on the Rugrats?



47. Who did Faith Hill marry in 1996?



48. How many volts in a kilovolt (kV)?



49. What are the smallest articles of an image called – pixels or dots?



50. North American horse races are run in which direction clockwise or counterclockwise?








1. Danube



2. Terrible lizard



3. Great white



4. Louis Armstrong



5. 5



6. Hoover



7. True



8. ER



9. Sun



10. Playing pool



11. Atlanta



12. Purple



13. 1963



14. Transylvania

15. The Longest Yard



16. False



17. Winter Wonderland



18. Brass



19. True



20. New York City



21. Cleaver



22. Shea



23. False



24. Emilio Estevez



25. True



26. Shaggy



27. Doc



28. 1948

29. Honolulu



30. The Waltons



31. 72



32. Chick and duck



33. Seinfeld



34. 6



35. Cliff notes



36. Astronomer



37. False



38. Easter Island



39. Will Smith



40. Emergency messages



41. USS Arizona



42. Fleetwood Mac

43. NBC



44. Farsightedness



45 Hershey



46. Stu



47. Tim McGraw



48. 1000



49. Pixels



50. Counterclockwise