1. Complete this phrase: Give me liberty or give me____________.



2. Which planet is named after the Roman god of the sea?



3. In what part of the body would you find the femur?



4. A Granny Smith is an Australian variety of what?



5. Who played Wayne in the movie Wayne’s World?



6. What is Superman’s secret identity?



7. How many nephew’s does Donald Duck have?



8. Who sang We Are the Champions?



9. Bryan Adams sang  ‘Everything I do, I do it for _________’



10. Three frogs represent this kind of beer:













11. At the end of a letter, what does P.S. stand for?



12. In NASCAR, who was known as ‘The Intimidator’?



13. What does NBA stand for?



14. What band sang ‘Start Me Up’?



15. In the comic strip Peanuts, what is Snoopy’s best friend’s name?



16. From the 80’s song, what was ‘Jenny’s’ number?



17. Which of the following was NOT a ghost from Pac-man – Inky, Blinky, Dinky, or Clyde?



18. In Calvin and Hobbes which character was the stuffed tiger?



19. Who starred together in Tommy Boy and Black Sheep?



20. What television show has contestants trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition?











21. True or False  The killer Son of Sam’s real name was Sam Sheppard.



22. Who was the first president to serve two terms?



23. What year did man first walk on the moon?



24. In what year did the US celebrate its bicentennial?



25. From which vegetable is vodka made?



26. Which fast food restaurant is the top grossing chain?



27. Which Pizza chain debuted first Pizza Hut or Domino’s?



28. How many dice come in a Yahtzee game?



29. What is a royal marriage in Pinochle?



30. What is considered by scientists to be the strongest tornado – F-3, F-5, or F-7?











31. What classic TV show had Granny, Jed, Jethro, and Elle May?



32. In government, what does FDA stand for?



33. What is the capital of Virginia?



34. Who sang ‘Jack and Diane’?



35. What is the largest continent on earth?



36. What fictional character was known as the boy who wouldn’t grow up?



37. In which state would you find Crater Lake – California or Oregon?



38. True or False  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US.



39. What is Scrooge’s first name in A Christmas Carol?



40. What is the donkey’s name in Shrek?












41. What country has the highest population?



42. According to a saying, what is it that speaks louder than words?



43. Who was the second US president?



44. What did Snow White eat that made her sleep?



45. In what time zone is California?



46. In which country would you find the Sydney Opera House?



47. True or False  Poison ivy has four leaves.



48. From the song Crocodile Rock ‘ I remember when _________ was young, me and Suzie had so much fun.’



49. What direction is 180 degrees from North on a compass?



50. True or False  The 1993 Movie Cool Runnings was about a Jamaican bobsled team.











1. Death



2. Neptune



3. Leg



4. Apple



5. Mike Meyers



6. Clark Kent



7. 3



8. Queen



9. You



10. Budweiser



11. Post Script



12. Dale Earnhardt Sr.



13. National Basketball Association



14. Rolling Stones

15. Woodstock



16. 867-5309



17. Dinky



18. Hobbes



19. Chris Farley and David Spade



20. Survivor



21. False (David Berkowitz)



22. George Washington



23. 1969






25. Potato



26. McDonalds



27. Pizza Hut



28. 5

29. Trump King and Queen



30. F-5



31. Beverly Hillbillies



32. Food and Drug Administration



33. Richmond



34. John Cougar Mellencamp



35. Asia



36. Peter Pan



37. Oregon



38. True



39. Ebenezer



40. Donkey



41. China



42. Actions

43. John Adams



44. Poison Apple



45. Pacific



46. Australia



47. False



48. Rock



49. South



50. True