1. Finish this saying: You can’t judge a book by its _________________



2. What does the B stand for in HBO?



3. What is the name of Kiefer Sutherland’s character on 24?



4. What motel’s ads are ‘We’ll leave the light on’?



5. True or False  Ronald Reagan was the 41st president.



6. What is the largest city in Florida – Tampa or Jacksonville?



7. On which ship did the Pilgrim Fathers sail to America?



8. On which rock did they arrive in 1620?



9. What is the French word for thank you?



10 Finish this line: Those who live in glass house should not ________________.











11. When you’re in a difficult situation you’re stuck between a rock and what?



12. What department store holds an annual Thanksgiving Day Parade?



13. On Family Guy, what is Peter’s wife’s name?



14. From a Disney movie who was King of the Wild Frontier?



15. In the Beach Boys song they’ll have ‘Fun, fun, fun’ till her daddy takes what away?



16. Which candy’s slogan is ‘Taste the rainbow’?



17. What is the only continent that has no snakes or reptiles?



18. Not including Rudolph name Santa’s other eight reindeer.



19. What 1978 song features a play-by-play by Yankee Broadcaster Phil Rizzuto?



20 Which was the longest song to ever hit #1 on the Billboard singles chart – Stairway to Heaven or American Pie?








21. True or False  Bats are the only mammals that can fly.



22. What important US document was signed in 1787?



23. What does Al Bundy do for a living on Married With Children?



24. Which drink was promoted with the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’?



25. Which instrument does Lisa play on the Simpsons?



26. What type of pasta’s name means ‘little worms’ – spaghetti or vermicelli?



27. What’s the world’s smallest bird?



28. What is only skin deep?



29. What fruit once a day keeps the doctor away?



30. True or False  On Friends Chandler’s last name was Spring.











31. Was Julia Roberts born in the 1950’s or 1960’s?



32. . True or False  Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than US Treasury.



33. Born in Jamestown, New York, who appeared on the cover of TV Guide a record 34 times – Johnny Carson or Lucille Ball?



34. Who recorded Another Brick in the Wall?



35. What cable network brought us Behind the Music and Pop-up Video?



36. True or False  Tennessee is the only state bordered by 8 other states.



37. Where is the metatarsal arch – hand or foot?



38. What is the zodiac sign of the Ram?



39 According to proverb, what is thicker than water?



40. In which country is Havana?









41. How long is the Indianapolis track – 2 miles, 2 ½ miles, 3 miles?



42. What is the Friday before Easter called?



43. Who played Mrs. Doubtfire?



44. What were Starsky and Hutch’s first names?



45. What sense is most associated with the olfactory?



46. True or False  Uranus is 52,000 miles in diameter.



47. What company makes the Thinkpad computer – IBM, or Dell?



48. Was Davy Crockett real or fictional?



49. In 1997 Mike Tyson bit off what part of Evander Holyfield’s anatomy?



50. True or False  Franklin Roosevelt’s private plane was called Sacred Cow.











1. Cover



2. Box



3. Jack Bauer



4. Motel 6



5. False



6. Jacksonville



7. Mayflower



8. Plymouth



9. Merci



10. Throw stones



11. Hard place



12. Macy’s



13. Lois



14. Davy Crockett

15. T-Bird



16. Skittles



17. Antartica



18. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen



19. Paradise By the Dashboard Lights



20. American Pie



21. True



22. Constitution



23. Shoe salesman



24. Coca-cola



25. Saxophone



26. Vermicelli



27. Hummingbird



28. Beauty

29. Apple



30. False



31. 1960’s



32. True



33. Lucille Ball



34. Pink Floyd



35. VH-1



36. True



37. Foot



38. Aries



39. Blood



40. Cuba



41. 2 ½ Miles



42. Good Friday

43. Robin Williams



44. Dave and Ken



45. Smell



46. False



47. IBM



48. Real



49. Right Ear



50. True