Round 2


1) Which of The Golden Girls was NOT a widow, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose or Sophia?



2) How many eyes did the Cyclops have?



3) Which music format has the most radio stations in the US, jazz or country?



4) What NBC comedy featured the coffee house Central Perk?



5) Since 1969, what brand of pet food has used a spokes-cat named Morris?



6) Named for a state in Mexico, what is the smallest recognized breed of dog?



7) What is the capital of Illinois?



8) What singer was backed by The Heartbreakers on his song “Don’t Do Me Like That”?



9) What does the title of the show C.S.I. stand for?



10) Aladdin and his lamp are key figures in the collection of tales known as “A Thousand and One _ _ _ _ _ _ “?





Round 2


11) True or False, The first James Bond novel that Ian Fleming wrote was Dr. No



12) The term “smog” is a combination of what two words?



13) In which month does the holiday Columbus Day occur?



14) Sony features a series of video games starring a bandicoot named what?



15) What insect gets its name from the Spanish term for “little fly”?



16) In astrology February 29th falls under what sign of the zodiac?



17) Which type of earring does corporate mascot Mr. Clean wear: a Hoop or a Stud?



18) Which Baldwin brother is older: Alec or Stephen?



19) What is the name of Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis, Tennessee?



20) Which blood type is more common: type A or type O?







Round 3


21) In its 89 years of existence, which pocket-sized magazine has never run a cigarette ad?



22) Chuck Barris hosted what bizarre game and talent show that debuted in 1976?



23) Yankee Stadium is located in which New York City borough?



24) In the Batman comic books, the alter ego of which villain is named Edward Nigma?



25) From 1932 to 1998, what word appeared above Washington’s head on US quarters?



26) Which species is the tallest land mammal in the animal kingdom?



27) What veteran rock band released the album “Just Push Play”?



28) The characters Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde first appeared in what Atari video game?



29) Christina Applegate first played Kelly Bundy on which FOX sitcom?



30) What company’s jean logo is a triangle with a question mark?





Round 4


31) Which country music trio had a hit with “Goodbye Earl”?



32) True or False, The first paperback book appeared in England in 1938.



33) How many stomachs does a cow have, 1, 3, or 4?



34) What did the Dodgers do to the Yankees in 1955, 1963, and 1981?



35) In the light spectrum, what do the letters U.V. stand for?



36) What musical instrument is pictured in the logo of Guinness beer?



37) In 1940, what candy company introduced its Peppermint Pattie?



38) From the French for “sitting” what is a meeting where people attempt to speak to the dead?



39) How many cells does an amoeba have?



40) What “D” word is a dark chamber used to confine prisoners?








1) Dorothy



2) 1, One



3) Country



4) Friends



5) Nine Lives



6) Chihuahua



7) Springfield



8) Tom Petty



9) Crime Scene Investigation



10) Nights



11) False, it was Casino Roayale



12) Smoke and Fog



13) October



14) Crash

15) Mosquito



16) Pisces



17) Hoop



18) Alec



19) Graceland



20) Type O



21) Reader’s Digest



22) Gong Show



23) Bronx



24) The Riddler



25) Liberty



26) Giraffe



27) Aerosmith



28) Pac Man

29) Married With Children



30) Guess



31) Dixie Chicks



32) True



33) 4



34) Beat them in the World Series



35) Ultra Violet



36) Harp



37) York



38) Séance



39) One



40) Dungeon