Round 3


1) What kind of candy did Ronald Reagan keep on his desk? Jelly Beans



2) What year was the first Academy awards ceremony held 1924, 1929, 1935? 1929



3) Who wrote ‘The Lord of the Rings’? J.R.R. Tolkien



4) What TV celebrity shocked the world in 1997, by coming ‘out of the closet’ on her sitcom? Ellen DeGeneres



5) What war lasted frome June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953? Korean War



6) Which poet wrote “The Road Not Taken” Emily Dickenson, Walt Whitman, or Robert Frost? Frosy



7) What TV show is credited for a massive surge of applications for courses in forensic science? CSI



8) When the first Burger King opened in 1954, how much did a hamburger cost 18 cents, 37 cents or 50 cents? 18 cents



9) How much do the testes of a sperm whale weigh (average) 27 lbs, 54 lbs, 74 lbs? 27



10) What is the name of the Grinch’s dog? Max



Round 2


11) What is the best selling board game of all time? Monopoly



12) From what film does the famous line “Play it again, Sam” come from? Casablanca



13) What was the first cartoon couple to sleep together in a double bed on TV? Flinstones



14) How many continents are there on Earth? 7



15) In which decade were disposable diapers introduced? 1960’s



16) How many karats is pure unalloyed gold? 24



17) In legend, what bird rose up from its own ashes? Phoenix



18) Name the four Presidents carved in Mount Rushmore? Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt



19) In which state is Mount Rushmore located? South Dakota



20) How many strings does a ukelele have? 4










Round 3


21) Which herb is used to make pesto? Basil



22) Wile E. Coyote would be happy in New Mexico. What is the state bird? Road Runner



23) What US city is dubbed “The Windy City”? Chicago



24) Which woodwind instrument is nicknamed the ‘licorice stick’? Clarinet



25) By a score of 154 to 124, who appeared in more episodes of Cheers, Kirstie Alley or Shelly Long? Kirstie Alley



26) When you’re voted off Survivor who do they say “Has spoken”? The Tribe



27) Which member of the Rolling Stones attended the London School of Economics, Keith Richards, Brian Jones or Mick Jagger? Mick Jagger



28) In what year was toilet paper invented? 1880



29) In what US city is LAX airport? Los Angeles



30) Who is Homer Simpsons neighbor on the Simpsons? Ned Flanders








Round 4


31) What does a parrot named Polynesia teach Dr. Dolittle? Talk to animals



32) On South Park, what is the boys favorite cartoon? Terrance and Phillip



33) How many paintings did Van Gogh sell in his lifetime? 1



34) What is the most common last name in the US? Smith



35) Who was Michael Kelso’s girlfriend on the first season of “That 70’s Show”? Jackie Berkhart



36) Which war gave us the term “shell shock”? WW I



37) At what ceremony are you likely to hear Wagner beforehand and Mendelssohn afterward? Wedding



38) True or False Julia Roberts was once engaged to Kiefer Sutherland. True



39) On which network did “Whoopi” premiere in 2003? NBC



40) Which branch of the armed forces uses the ‘Halls of Montezuma’ as their song? Marines








Round 5


41) How did the dog Laika become famous? First living thing in space



42) Amy Brenneman appears on what TV show as Judge Grey? Judging Amy



43) What magazines swimsuit issue debuted on Jan. 20, 1964? Sports Illustrated



44) In what decade did the Concorde make its first flight 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s? 60’s



45) True or False Lenny Kravitz was born 1960, in Brooklyn, NY. False (1965)



46) What state has the lowest numbered zip codes? Mass.



47) In the game of Craps what number is statistically most likely to be rolled? 7



48) In the human body, what sense organ contains the anvil and the stirrup bones? Middle ear



49) What year is the next leap year?2008



50) Which is larger a megabyte or a gigabyte? Gigabyte