Round 5



1) What country is termed “The Land Down Under”?  Australia



2) What gemstone is May’s birthstone?  Emerald



3) What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?  Mercury



4) On Law and Order SVU who is Olivia’s partner?  Elliot Stabler



5) Which ocean is the deepest?  Pacific



6) Which drink is the “Un-cola”?  7-UP



7) How many children did Cliff & Claire have on the Cosby Show?  5



8) What is the name of Winnie the Pooh’s bouncy friend?  Tigger



9) How did Lizzie Borden kill her parents?  With an axe



10 What is the capital of Mexico?  Mexico City










Round 2



11) What were the Duke boys names on the Dukes of Hazzard?


Luke & Bo



12) In golf, what is a birdie?  One under par



13) Who shot Mr. Burns on the Simpsons?  Maggie



14) What team has won the most World Series?  Yankees



15) What female country music singer died in a plane crash in 1963?


Patsy Cline



16) Which amusement park opened in Anaheim, California July 18th 1955?  Disneyland


17) What was Cliff’s job on the show Cheers?  Mailman



18) What paper currency is known as a sawbuck?  $10



19) What was the name of Disney’s Love Bug?  Herbie



20) Freddie Mercury led which regal sounding band?  Queen









Round 3



21) Which Nicolas starred in th movie Face?  Off?  Cage



22) How many sides would a dozen dice have total?  72



23) In which park was the New York Marathon run until 1970? Central



24) What carnivorous animals live on?  Meat


25) In fiction, who was Peter Pan’s greatest enemy?  Captain Hook



26) What are birds of a feather said to do?  Flock together


27) Which Mike was the voice of Shrek?  Myers



28) What does the e stand for in e-mail?  Electronic



29) In which series did Dr. Frasier Crane first appear?  Cheers



30) The word dinosaur comes from the Greek, meaning Terrible what?   Beast, lizard or monster









Round4 4



31)  What name was given to the first cloned sheep?  Dolly



32) In which team game do you try to move backwards all the time?  Tug of war



33) What team won the Super Bowl in 2002 and 2004?  Patriots



34) which town do the Flinstones live in?  Bedrock



35) What did David Bowie call his first child, Ziggy or Zowie?  Zowie



36) What can be seen from earth every 76 years?  Halley’s comet



37) What is the middle name of Sex and the City actress Sarah Parker?  Jessica



38) Which was made up of Gibbs brothers?  Bee Gees



39) How is Steak Tartare cooked?  It’s served raw



40) Which musical is the name of a carnival ride?  Carousel









Round 5



41) What is the smallest bird in the world?  Hummingbird



42) kHz is an abbreviation for what?  Kilohertz



43) In Will and Grace, what is Grace’s profession?  43) Interior Designer



44) What is the zodiac sign for the ram?  Aries


45) What is the name for the colored part of the eye?  Iris



46) What is the largest country in Great Britain?  England



47) What is the name of the bar Homer Simpson drinks in?  47) Moe’s



48) Who was the first president to resign while in office?  Nixon


49) T or F. Friends was first shown in the US in 1992 True



50) How many minutes are in a half day?  720