Round 6


1) How many players are on a men’s lacrosse team? 10


2) What city was the first in the world to reach a population of 1 Million? London (1811)


3) Into how many time zones is the world divided? 24


4) In Music who’s last words were “I shall hear in heaven”? Beethoven


5) Which planet in our solar system has a moon named Triton? Neptune


6) In the opening credits of the Brady Bunch < which character appears in the center square? Alice


7) What does the B stand for in the US military aircraft B-52? Bomber


8) What Japanese currency is also a word for longing? Yen


9) Which magazine was published first Time or Newsweek> Time


10) According to legend which Saint drove the snakes of Ireland into the sea? Patrick


11) In mythology which Greek warrior was slain by Paris after being shot in his vulnerable heel? Achilles


12) Who did Jim Carrey portray in the movie “Man on the Moon”? Andy Kaufman


13) What is the name of Homer Simpson’s youngest daughter? Maggie


14) What is square  root of 121? 11


15) Which snack food company’s slogan describes its cookies as “uncommonly good”?





Round 2


1) What word beginning with N, is a medical order characterized by sudden uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep? Narcolepsy


2) In which month does the Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo occur? May


3) What word can be a fruit pie and a person who fixes shoes? Cobbler


4) Which computer company was founded Stephen Wozniac and Steven Jobs? Apple


5) Which tanker spilled 10 million gallons of crude oil off the coast of Alaska in 1989? Exxon Valdez


6) What instrument is used to Measure atmospheric pressure?


7) How many states touch the Pacific ocean? 5


8)Which former Cincinnati Reds Manager was banned from baseball for gambling? Pete Rose


9) Which is the state bird of Florida, the mockingbird or the flamingo? Mockingbird


10) what does the Latin phrase Veni, Vedi, Vici mean?


11) Which sign of the Zodiac is also called the water bearer? Aquarius


12) Led by Joe Namath, what was the first AFL (American Football League) team to win the Super  Bowl? New York Jets


13) Which company originally released the party game Twister? Milton Bradley


14) What is the stage name of Bat Out Of Hell singer Marvin Lee Aday? Meatloaf


15) Which serial killer, known as “The Killer Clown” was executed on May 10, 1994?




Round 3


1) What L word was selected as Toy of the century? Lego


2) Popular in 1830s France, which risqué dance was known for its high kicks exposing the petticoat? Can Can


3) What was the name of the second man to walk on the moon? Edwin “Buzz” aldrin


4) What dolls, designed by artist Xavier Roberts were shoppers scrambling to buy in the 1983 Christmas season? Cabbage Patch Kids


5)Which British university is older: Cambridge or Oxford? Oxford


6)What is the two word motto for the Boy scouts of America? Be prepared


7) What is the Japanese art of decorative paper folding? Origami


8) Which paper towel calls itself “The quicker picker upper?” Bounty


9) Which US state is nicknamed the Keystone State? Pennsylvania


10) Cirrus, nimbus, and stratus are all forms of what? Clouds


110 Which rival circus did the Ringling Brothers buy out in 1907? Barnum and Bailey


12)Which city hosts horse racing’s Kentucky derby? Louisville


13) Modern US dimes are made out of nickel and what other metallic element? Copper


14) Meaning house of bread in Hebrew, which town is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ? Bethlehem


15) What table salt company features an image of a girl with an umbrella on its package? Morton



Round 4



1) Which network produces and airs the programs Behind the Music and Storytellers? VH-1


2) Which 1851 epic novel begins with the words “Call me Ishmael”? Moby dick


3) Who is the lead singer or the Irish band U2? Bono


4) What video game company produced the Dreamcast console? Sega


5) Trey Parker and Matt Stone created which animated cartoon series that debuted in 1997? South Park


6) Name the Friends actress who also appeared in the original video for Bruce Springsteen’s Dancin in the Dark? Courtney Cox


7) Which is the largest bone in the human body? Femur


8) What talk show host established O magazine in the year 2000?


9) What novel by John Steinbeck follows the Joad family during the Great Depression? Grapes of Wrath


10) What German auto company’s name literally means “people’s car”? Volkswagen


11) What is the fastest bird on land? Ostrich


12) what is the last name of Clint Eastwood’s character Dirty Harry? Callahan


13) The North star is located within what constellation? The Little dipper


14) Who was the original lead singer of Black Sabbath? Ozzy Osbourne


15) What packaged food is called “The San Francisco Treat? Rice-a-roni