1. What movie starring Adam Sandler, due in theaters June 23rd, has the tagline What would you do?



2. From the A-Team, what does B.A. stand for in B.A. Barracus?



3. When strong light is shined on the human eye, does the pupil expand or contract?



4. In 1994, a Maryland man crashed an airplane onto the lawn of what Washington D.C. building?



5. What bookstore chain owns B. Dalton and Doubleday bookshops?



6. What is the state fruit of Georgia?



7. According to the American Dairy Association what is the popular type of cheese in America?



8. What comedian is the star of the movie Blue Streak?



9. What is the name for the wooden mallet used by judges?



10. What pop star recorded Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?









11. What term from the old English for ‘oath-breaker’ refers to a male witch?



12. First published in Edinburgh, what is the oldest and largest general encyclopedia in the English language?



13. Elsie the cow was the mascot for what brand of milk?



14. In the old testament , David kills Goliath with a stone and what?



15. Ogden Nash wrote ‘Candy is dandy, but liquor is _ _ _ _ _ _ _’



16. What is the name of Disney’s most famous pair of chipmunks?



17. What word from the Greek for ‘forgetfulness’ is the medical term for memory loss?



18. Which rodent is also known as the quill pig?



19. What small French umbrella gets its name from the Latin meaning ‘shield from the sun’?



20. Which is the best selling ice cream flavor in the U.S.?









21. Which comedian played five members of the Klump family in the movie The Nutty Professor?



22. Barney Clark was the recipient of the first permanent artificial version of what human organ?



23. What do the letters MS stand for in the cable network MSNBC?



24. What is the only U.S. state that shares a border with Maine?



25. Hay fever is caused by an allergy to what powder-like spores produced by plants?



26. What brand of canned snack food uses the slogan ‘Once you pop you can’t stop’?



27. What eastern U.S. city is the site of Logan International Airport?



28. In archery, what ‘Q’ word is the case for holding arrows?



29. On Full House Michelle Tanner was played by twins with what last name?



30. Which Washington Irving character falls asleep and awakens 20 years later?







31. Of the world’s national flags, which country’s flag has the most stars?



32. What name is shared by the most populous cities in both Maine and Oregon?



33. Which parody artist recorded Smells Like Nirvana and Eat It?



34. Hammerhead and mako are both species of what fish?



35. What actress starred as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct?



36. What ‘P’ word is the cut of steak containing both the T-bone and the tenderloin?



37. In Olympic sports, how many innings are in a standard, regulation softball game?



38. Similar to sucrose, what milk sugar is produced by nursing mothers?



39. Which athletic shoe company shares its name with a type of mountain lion?



40. Which Character wears a Metallica T-shirt, Beavis or Butthead?







1. Click



2. Bad Attitude



3. Contract



4. White House



5. Barnes and Noble



6. Peach



7. Cheddar



8. Martin Lawrence






10. Cyndi Lauper



11. Warlock



12. Britannica



13. Borden’s



14. Slingshot

15. Quicker



16. Chip and Dale



17. Amnesia



18. Porcupine (Hedgehog/spine hog)



19. Parasol



20. Vanilla



21. Eddie Murphy



22. Heart



23. Microsoft



24. New Hampshire



25. Pollen



26. Pringles



27 Boston



28. Quiver

29. Olsen



30. Rip Van Winkle



31. USA



32. Portland



33. Weird Al Yankovich



34. Shark



35. Sharon Stone



36. Porterhouse



37. Seven



38. Lactose (Lactin)



39. Puma



40. Butthead