1. What does the S stand for in NASA? Space



2. In the 1990’s film who played G.I. Jane? Demi Moore



3. Give a nickname for the American flag: _________________________ Old Glory or The Stars and Stripes



4. What word describes the permanent disappearance of a species? Extinction



5. In the human body what has four chambers? Heart



6. In the bible who was the mother of Jesus? Mary



7. The pirate flag is the Jolly – Pirate, Roger, or Skull?



8. In Cinderella what turned into a magic coach? Pumpkin



9. Who was the voice of Princess Fiona? Cameron Diaz



10. Does the Roman numeral M stand for 50 or 1000?











11. Which founder of the FBI was born January 1, 1985? J. Edgar Hoover



12. What type of animal was Babe in the movie of the same name? Pig



13. In which series did Dr. Frasier Crane first appear? Cheers



14. In what family did Morticia have an Uncle Fester? Addams



15. What are too many cooks said to spoil? The broth



16. Who did Dr. Jekyll turn into? Mr. Hyde



17 What hangs down from the ceiling of a cave – stalagmite or stalactite?



18. Has croquet ever been played at the Olympics? Yes



19. In which state is Harvard University? Massachusetts



20. What was the name of the family in The Beverly Hillbillies? Clampett









21. Which king had a round table? Arthur



22. How many of Henry VIII’s wives were named Anne? 2



23. How many minutes are in 36 hours? 2160



24. What were Marilyn Monroe’s real first names?



25. Is the South Pole in the Arctic or Antarctic?



26. How many candles are lit at Hanukkah? 8



27. Which Elvis song has the line “You ain’t never caught a rabbit”? Hound Dog



28. What is the capital of Tennessee? Nashville



29. Who was the youngest Beatle – George or Ringo?



30. Who discovered the Law of Gravity? Sir Isaac Newton












31. On a computer keyboard what vowel is not on the top row? A



32. Whose World starred Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey? Wayne’s



33. What sort of reptiles are Donatello and Leonardo? Turtles



34. What was the central building of a castle called – bailey, gatehouse or keep?



35. Aspartame is an alternative ro what when added to food? Sugar



36. Is pan phobia a fear of cooking, space, or everything?



37. On which street was there a nightmare in the 1980’s movie series? Elm



38. What was John Lennon’s youngest son called – Julian or Sean?



39. How does the boa constrictor kill its prey? Squeezing



40. Which American leader did Lee Harvey Oswald kill? JFK