1. Top Gun was about which armed forces? Air force



2. Bambi was first released in the !920’s, 40’s, or 60’s? 40’s



3. What number does the Roman numeral C stand for? 100



4. Which term means related to the moon? Lunar



5. Grandfather, cuckoo, and carriage are types of what? Clocks



6. What was Mother Theresa’s real first name? Agnes



7. Who succeeded JFK after his assassination?



8. Which drug was launched in the late 90’s as a cure for impotence? Viagra



9. The Materia Medica is a reference book that that list the medical uses of what? Herbs



10. What was the first man=made object to break the sound barrier? Whip










11. According to Irving Berlin There’s no business like _____________> Show business



12. Chim Chim Cheree came from what movie about a super nanny? Mary Poppins



13. T or F On Friends, Ross’s first wife was named Susan.



14. What is kHz an abbreviation for? Kilohertz



15. Which country has the most students in higher education? SA



16 Which type of branch is used as a symbol of peace? Olive



17. How many sides has an isosceles triangle? 3



18. Which type of tree do we get turpentine from? Pine



19. Which book of the bible tells us about the creation of the world? Genesis



20. Edible, blue, and hermit are types of what? Crab


21. Where is the metatarsal arch? Your foot



22. What is the last name of the cannibal Dr. Hannibal? Lecter



23. Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan have both played what character? James Bondd



24. What kind of code is scanned at the supermarket? Bar



25. According to proverb, what is thicker than water? Blood



26. What is the zodiac sign for the ram? Aries



27. Who sang I Just Called To Say I Love You? Stevie Wonder



28. What type of food is iceburg? Lettuce



29. Who is Led Zepplin’s main vocal man? Robert Plant



30. What machine did Isaac Singer invent? Sewing












31. In CD-ROM what does the M stand for? Memory



32. How many friends are there in Friends? 6



33. Which actress was the star of Ellen? DeGeneres



34. In which country is Havana? Cuba



35. What is the colored part of the eye called? Iris



36 Which fruit is chiefly used in the desert called melba? Peach



37. What reation to you is your aunt’s daughter? Cousin



38. Does the B in scuba stand for breathing or below?



39. Mrs. Doubtfire was played ny which actor? Robin Williams



40 Complete this film title A Room With A _____________> View













41. Which bird is the symbol of the USA? Eagle



42. What is a dry Manhatten called? Bronx



43. What is the fruit in an Old Fashion? Cherries



44. Is the city Alexandria in Egypt or Greece? Egypt



45. How many legs does a lobster have 8 or 10? 8



46. What is Captain Kirk’s first name on Star Trek? James



47. Who came directly after Pope John Paul? Pope John Paul II



48. What instrument did Sherlock Holmes play? Violin



49. What is the zodiac sign of balance? Libra



50. The Rio Grande separates what two countries? USA and Mexico