There is an animal who’s call does not echo. Is it

  1. a cows moo
  2. an owls whoo
  3. a wolfs howl
  4. a ducks quack


What toy was once used as a weapon in the Philippines

  1. hula hoop
  2. Yo Yo
  3. Gyroscope
  4. Malibu Barbie


What color is the favorite of over 80% of Americans?


a. Red

b. Green

c. Blue

d. Yellow


Donald duck comics were one banned in Finland because he didn’t wear what?


  1. a shirt
  2. pants
  3. shoes
  4. feathers


Your body as a percentage is made up of how much water?


a. 50

b. 90

c. 30

d. 70


What candy bar is the #1 selling candy sold in Vending machines?


a. Milky Way

b. Heath Bar

c. Snickers

d. Payday


Australian slang for going to the bathroom is?


  1. Spending a penny
  2. Watering the frog pond
  3. Eclipsing the outback
  4. Teasing the koala