1. Which is not the name of a Musketeer?

A. D’Artagnan                                  B. Aramis

C. Pathos                                         D. Athos



2. Which wine’s name is not also the name of a type of grape?

A. Cabernet Sauvignon                 B. Chardonnay

C. Chablis                                        D. Pinot noir



3. What kind of tools are used in crewel work?

A. Pen and ink                                 B. Crayons

C. Hammer and nails                               D. Embroidery needles



4. Which type of beer is the darkest and strongest?

A. Light                                             B. Ale

C. Pilsner                                         D. Stout



5. What is the first name of the character played by Macaulay Culkin in the Home Alone movies?



6. What is the opposite of downloading?



7. How old was Elvis Presley when he died – 32, 42, or 48?



8. In music, who is “The Boss”?



9. Caryn Johnson is the birth name of which actress – Whoopi Goldberg, Angelina Joli, or Courtney Cox?



10. In baseball, which team bats first?



11. In music, what do the initials ELO stand for?



12. CCR?



13. Which cartoon cat is the creation of Jim Davis?



14. Which newspaper did Superman work for – Daily Globe or Daily Planet?



15. What game is played with rackets and shuttlecocks?



16. Which saint is also called Santa Claus?



17. In computing, what does the P in Pc stand for?



18. In the bible what book comes after Matthew?



19. When do nocturnal creatures sleep?



20. Which earl gave his name to a type of mild tea?












21. Enchiladas were originally part of which country’s cooking?



22. What was the first national park established in the USA in 1872?



23. In which state was the first drilling for oil – Pennsylvania or Texas?



24. How many carats is pure gold?



25. True or False  Volkswagen means ‘versatile car’.



26. The largest one day sporting event is held in Indiana. What is it?



27. What famous news channel has its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.?



28. What Pennsylvania theme park is owned by a candy company?



29. What Milton Bradley game was marketed as a “Sweet Little Game for Sweet Little Folks”?



30. What state has the most registered vehicles?












31. It’s called the Green Mountain state and its name means green mountain. What is it?



32. Beantown is what New England capital?



33. In November 1994 what former president revealed he had Alzheimer’s disease?



34. America’s Cup is what type of race?



35. What does a.k.a. stand for?



36. A brand new flag is flown over what building each day?



37. What does a flag flown upside down mean?



38. What implement of execution was first used in Auburn, NY in 1890?



39.. What noted dictionary maker’s birthplace was Hartford, CT?



40. By a 1966 presidential proclamation, what holiday was fixed as the third Sunday in June?









41. True or False  In 1653 a man of 89 was found guilty and executed in England for committing adultery>



42. What is the average bra size in America – 34B, 36C, or 38D?



43 According to the Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, the average penis size is – 6”, 7”, or 8”?



44. True or False  During sexual intercourse the average calories burned are 800 per hour.



45. True or False  The word pornography comes from the Greek meaning ‘the writing of prostitutes’.



46. True or False  A spider’s penis is located at the end of one of its legs.



47. What is a bordello?



48. True or False  Humans are the only species on earth to have face to face sex.



49. A male produces approximately how many sperm in a minute – 100, 2500, or 50,000?



50. How many consecutive orgasms can women achieve – up to 10, up to 20, or up to 50?





1. C


2. C


3. D


4. D


5. Kevin


6. Uploading


7. 42


8. Springsteen


9. Whoopi Goldberg


10. Visiting team


11. Electric Light Orchestra


12. Creedance Clearwater Revival


13. Garfield


14. Daily Planet


15. Badminton


16. St. Nicholas


17. Personal


18. Mark


19. Day


20. Grey


21. Mexico


22. Yellowstone


23. Pennsylvania


24. 24


25. False


26. Indianapolis 500


27. CNN




29. Candy Land


30. California


31. Vermont


32. Boston


33. Reagan


34. Yachts


35. Also known as


36. White house


37. Trouble or help


38. Electric chair


39. Webster


40. Father’s Day


41. True


42. 36C


43. 6”


44. False (250)


45. True


46. True


47. House of prostitution


48. False


49. 50,000


50. Up to 50