28_Brain_TeaserTrivia questions

  1. In frosty the snowman, who brought frosty back to life? – FROSTY THE SNOWMAN
  2. Who lost $8,000.00 in “It’s A Wonderful Life” movie? – UNCLE BILLY
  3. In “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” what was the biological shortcoming that made the Grinch so mean? – HIS HEART WAS TWO SIZES TOO SMALL
  4. Who tells you she’s in town by tap, tap, tappin, on your windowpane? – SUZY SNOWFLAKE
  5. What is the biggest selling Christmas single of all time? – WHITE CHRISTMAS
  6. What was Scrooges first name? – EBENEZER
  7. Where was I when I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus? – ON THE STAIRS
  8. What was the name of Rudolph’s dogsled driving friend? –YUKON CORNELIUS
  9. Who said “God Bless Us Everyone”? – TINY TIM
  10. What carol contains the line “O tidings of comfort & joy”? – GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN
  11. On the “Night Before Christmas” I sprang from my bed to see what? – WHAT WAS THE MATTER
  12. Name the 3 reindeer whose names begin with the letter D? – DASHER DONDER AND DANCER
  13. In the song “Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer” what did grandma go to get? – HER MEDICATION
  14. What was the gift my true love sent on the sixth day of Christmas? – SIX GEESE OF LAYING
  15. In what city did the “Miracle on 34th Street” take place? – NEW YORK
  16. In “It’s A Wonderful Life” how did Clarence cleverly save Georges life?HE JUMPED INTO THE RIVER FIRST
  17. Who kept time in the song “Little Drummer Boy”? – THE OX AND THE LAMB
  18. In “The Night Before Christmas” where were the stockings hung? – BY THE CHIMNEY
  19. What is the name of the little girl in most versions of “The Nutcracker”? – CLARA
  20. What is the last ghost called in “A Christmas Carol”? – THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS YET TO COME
  21. What color is the grinch? – GREEN
  22. How many pipers piping did my true love give to me? – ELEVEN
  23. In the movie “The Santa sClaus” who starred as the substitute Santa Claus? – TIM ALLEN
  24. What was Rudolph’s punishment for his red nose? – COULD NOT PLAY IN REINDEER GAMES
  25. In “A Charlie Brown Christmas” who played the dusty innkeeper in the Christmas play? – PIGDEN
  26. What did the traffic cop holler to Frosty? – STOP
  27. What holiday drink contains sugar, milk and eggs? – EGGNOG
  28. What popular bite sized chocolate candy comes wrapped in red & green foil at Christmas time? – HERSHEY’S KISSES
  29. What Saturday Evening Post artist was known for his whimsical pictures of Santa? – NORMAN ROCKWELL
  30. What one reindeer was  never mentioned in “The Night Before Christmas”? – RUDOLPH
  31.  St Nicks beard is like what feature in winter? – SNOW
  32. Name the two reindeer whose name begins with “C” – COMET & CUPID
  33. In the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” what did Clarence receive for accomplishing his mission?  Wings or a halo? – HIS WINGS
  34. What Christmas carol contains the words “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la? – DECK THE HALLS
  35. In the “Nutcracker” section of “Fantasia” what fungi dance the Chinese dance? – MUSHROOMS
  36. What did the Grinch use as a substitute for reindeer? – HIS DOG
  37. Who were nestled snug in their beds? – THE CHILDREN
  38. What 1990 movie told of a boys experience when two men broke into his house during Christmas? – HOME ALONE
  39. What fruit is St. Nick’s nose like? – A CHERRY
  40. What glittery bits of metal our hang on the Christmas tree? – TINSEL
  41. In the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” what kind of spirit is Clarence? – AN ANGEL
  42. What were Frosty’s last words? – I’LL BE BACK AGAIN SOMEDAY
  43. What piece of heavenly apparel does the littlest angel not wear correctly? – HIS HALO
  44. What is Charlie Brown’s complaint about Christmas? – IT IS TOO COMMERCIALIZED
  45. What instrument does Amahl play as he leads the procession in “Amahl And The Night Visitor’s”? – HIS REED PIPE
  46. On what street did a Santa Claus miracle occur? – 34TH
  47. Counting Rudolph how many reindeer are there? – NINE
  48. What happened to the drummer boy’s lamb when he played his song for baby Jesus? – HE CAME BACK TO LIFE
  49. What did Rudolph never get to join in? – REINDEER GAMES
  50. What Emmy award winning cartoon was based on a newspaper editorial? – YES VIRGINIA THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS
  51. What carol is known as the counting song – THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS
  52. Where did there arise such a clatter? – ON THE LAWN
  53. What type of canned pie filling is a big seller at Christmas? – PUMPKIN
  54. What three characters sing “The Chipmunk Song”? – ALVIN THEODORE AND SIMON
  55. What gift did Casper bring? – MYRTH
  56. In “It’s A Wonderful Life” what part of George’s house always broken? – THE BANNISTER
  57. Traditionally does the oldest or youngest family member open the first present? – THE YOUNGEST
  58. What carol demands figgy pudding? – “WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS”
  59. What flower does Moore compare St. Nick’s cheeks to? – ROSE
  60. What eyes were made of coal? – FROSTY’S
  61. What song was originally titled “One Horse Open Sleigh? – JINGLE BELLS
  62. What holiday film annually appears on TV more than 300 times? – “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE”
  63. In “It’s A Wonderful Life” what two friends share their names with two sesame street characters? – BERT & ERNIE
  64. What is Frosty’s nose made of? – A BUTTON
  65. How does Scrooge improve Cratchit’s life the day after Christmas? – HE GIVES HIM A RAISE
  66. What country started the tradition of exchanging gifts? – ITALY – ROMANS
  67. In “A Charlie Brown Christmas” what winter recreation in the cast of characters doing in the opening scene? – ICE SKATING
  68. What are tiny inexpensive gifts usually called? – STOCKING STUFFERS
  69. Name the reindeer whose name begins with a “B”? – BLITZEN
  70. What WWII first lady wrote a Christmas story about a girl named Marta? – ELINOR ROOSEVELT
  71. What non smoking association sponsors Christmas Seals? – AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCITATION
  72. Visions of what dance in children’s heads? – SUGARPLUMS
  73. How many times is the name of “Santa Claus” used “In The Night Before Christmas”? – NONE
  74. What is the most popular tree topper? – ANGEL
  75. What song contains the line “Although It’s Been Said Many Times Many Ways”? – “A CHRISTMAS SONG”
  76. What did the little drummer boy give to the Christ child? – A SONG ON HIS DRUM
  77. What snack is often left out for Santa? – COOKIES
  78. In “It’s A Wonderful Life” who starred as George Bailey? – JIMMY STEWART
  79. What cola company was known for its ads featuring a big smiling Santa? – COCA COLA
  80. What does Alvin want for Christmas? – HULA HOOP
  81. Who wrote “The Night Before Christmas”? – CLEMENT C MOORE
  82. What does the nutcracker become after killing the Mouse King? – A HANDSOME PRINCE
  83. What mans grooming appliance became a sled for Santa commercials in the sixties? – NORELCO ELECTRIC SHAVER
  84. What do most elves wear on top of their shoes? – BELLS
  85. After red and green what are the two most popular colors for Christmas? – SILVER AND GOLD
  86. What song contains “Somebody Wait For Her And Kiss Her Once For Me”? – A HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS”
  87. What popular Christmas toy is based on a 1903 caricature? – THE TEDDY BEAR
  88. Who first recorded “Here Comes Santa Claus”? – GENE AUTRY
  89. What song does a caroler sing outside Scrooge’s office? – GOD REST YOU MERRY GENTLEMEN
  90. What two words are usually preprinted on gift tags? – TO / FROM
  91. Where was mommy when she was kissing Santa Claus? – UNDERNEATH THE MISTLETOE
  92. What film told the plight of a pour mountain family during the days of the depression? – THE HOMECOMING
  93. On every street corner you hear what song? – SILVER BELLS
  94. What was Brenda Lee doing around the Christmas tree? – ROCKIN’
  95. In “A Charlie Brown Christmas” how many cents does Lucy charge for her psychiatric services? – 5 CENTS
  96. Elvis Presley recorded what sad song in the fifties? – BLUE CHRISTMAS
  97. In “Winter Wonderland” the love struck couple a snowman is what? PARSON BROWN
  98. What parade was first held on January 1, 1886? – TOURNAMENT OF ROSES
  99. What song is full of threats and warnings about Santa Claus? – SANTA CLAUS IS COMIG TO TOWN
  100. Where did Santa land his sleigh in “The Night Before Christmas”? – UPON THE ROOF
  101. Who yelled “stop” to Frosty? – A TRAFFIC COP
  102. In “It’s A Wonderful Life” what did George dream of becoming? – AN ENGINEER / ARCHITECT
  103. What is the name of the first reindeer Santa calls in “The Night Before Christmas”? – DASHER
  104. What is the name of the most fameous Christmas ballet? – THE NUTCRACKER
  105. What is the theme or essence of “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”? – PEACE ON EARTH GOODWILL TO MAN
  106. Who wrote “A Christmas Carol? – CHARLES DICKENSON