Picture2I.E. Instant Entertainment. Immediate Excitement. Instant Energy!

As an entertainer for your party, beyond music, what can you do that will WOW your audience?

How can you express to them, in a heartbeat, that they are going to have an awesome entertainment experience?

The answer is I.E. Instant Entertainment! This time for Mitzvahs.

The Sally Shuffle:

For Mitzvahs I.E. starts with the DJ playing games with the kids in a separate area while the adults are having cocktails. During this game time the DJ will teach the kids how to do the Sally Shuffle.

Sally is the Bat Mitzvah girl, she has pre-selected a [danceable] song that you have used to created a personalized dance routine you call the Sally Shuffle.

Teach the kids the dance. Then when the doors open, all the kids are on the dance floor doing the Sally Shuffle. With Sally and her best friends in front leading the way. Then Sally and her friends invite the adults to join in the dance \ fun.

World Series Baseball:

For a baseball theme, the doors open and Johnny is the pitcher and 10-20 of his friends comprise the two baseball teams who mimic, pretend to play a game of baseball.

The DJ is the sports announcer of this World Series Game, with Johnny on the mound, about to strike out the last player to win the series. There is a bat, mitts, and players… But NO ball. It is all pretend.

The kids do not know what the DJ \ Announcer is going to say, so they have to respond live, according to the DJs announcements. Very spontaneous!

Very fun. Very I.E.

As always, for the success of your event, know your client, know your audience and build rapport before embarking upon any I.E. or entertainment activity for your event. Your next I.E. will be for Weddings!

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