Picture17I.E. Instant Entertainment. Immediate Excitement. Instant Energy!

As an entertainer for (Their Business) beyond music, what can you do that will WOW your audience?

How can you express to them, in a heartbeat, that they are going to have an awesome entertainment experience?

The answer is I.E. Instant Entertainment! This time for Weddings.

Dating Game \ Newlywed Game:

At a Wedding, place plastic, blow up style furniture, a couch, or a few chairs on the dance floor. The doors open and the guests are treated to a live version of the Love Connection, the Dating Game, the Newlywed Game

or the Not so Newlywed Game. [Smile]

Here is a list of my Dating & Newlywed Game questions.

And here are the original Newlywed Game questions.

As guests arrive they are invited to have a seat and get started on a questionnaire –

  1. Where should the bride & groom go on their honeymoon?
  2. How long should the honeymoon last?
  3. How many children should they have?
  4. What to name their children?
  5. What should the groom give the bride for her first married Birthday?
  6. What should the bride give the groom for his first married Birthday?

A different twist – How well do you know the Bride & Groom?

Ask a series of questions about their personal life, pets, birth dates, schooling, family, how they met…

Another twist –

Ask each table to select the #1 reason the bride & groom are going to stay married forever. Then create your own top 10 list based on the answers. Invite the guests to announce their answer once the bride & groom have arrived.

Just before the bride & groom come in: After your personal style of introduction of the family and wedding party, before the bride & groom enter. Plan a surprise for the couple. With the doors closed and the couple outside the room, waiting to be introduced, Ask all the guests to stand and gather around the door area where the bride & groom are going to enter. Make a path down the middle.  Then, when the bride & groom enter everyone is standing there, cheering, offering high fives and congratulations. A real unexpected surprise for the happy couple.

As always, for the success of your event, know your client, know your audience and build rapport before embarking upon any I.E. or entertainment activity for your event. More I.E. coming soon. [Smile]

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