IMG_0563Game Show Musical Chairs \ Scavenger Hunt
Here is everyone’s Favorite game

The Ultimate List of things to ask for…

1. Lady’s Purse
2. Man’s Belt
Return the belt without leaving your seat. Gentlemen, come get your
Belts. The contestants are going to put it back on for you, before
they go to get the next item…
3. Business Card
Keep the cards for marketing, send Thank You letter
4. Men wearing lady’s shoes, and women wearing men’s shoes
On their feet, walking back to their seat.
Music Suggestions: These Boots Are Made For Walking
Walking On Sunshine
Walk This Way
5. Something Foreign
6. Something American
7. Someone of the opposite gender, younger than you, sitting on your lap
8. A man with TWO earrings
I didn’t say he had to be wearing them! Ha Ha
9. A Lady with a tattoo
Not appropriate for a Jewish event because most Jews consider tattoos
Find tattoos offensive as it is a reminder of the Holocaust.
10. A man with a mustache
11. A picture of Benjamin Franklin
12. Green Card
13. Out of state driver’s license
14. Cell Phone (Ringing?)
15. Camera
Then have them take a picture of the Bride & Groom, boss & wife,
Before getting the next item.
16. Picture of the Bride & Groom. In a camera will do fine.
17. Ice Cube(s)
18. A wooden door key (Any key that opens a wood door)
19. Bar Tender, Waitress, Wait Staff
20. Someone who speaks a foreign language
21. ATM or other receipt
22. Floss
23. Toothbrush
24. Shoe Lace (Just one, out of the shoe)
25. Timex Watch
26. Something worth more than $200.00
27. Something here today, that was not here yesterday, and won’t be here tomorrow…
28. A Bald Man
29. Something you wear in your hair
30. A Lighter
31. Matches
32. Something with the company’s name on it
33. Something with the Bride & Groom’s name on it
34. An invitation
35. Something with today’s date on it
36. A unopened beverage \ Something to drink
Then they to drink it all and throw the container away before
getting the next item.
37. Batteries
38. Cigar
39. Money \ $2.00 Bill
40. Money, any denomination with the date\year the bride & groom met,
The year the company went into business.
41. Man’s Tie
42. Dentures
43. Bottle Opener
44. Candy
45. Someone wearing white socks and black pants
46. Movie Ticket Stub
47. Something rubber – Rubber band
48. Suspenders
49. Safety Pin
50. Paper Clip

Keep in mind the order in which you ask for things should go from the most
obvious \ most available, to the least obvious \ available. Items you ask for
should progressively become more and more difficult to find. Or trickier to
figure out as in the Bride & Groom illustration and the request for a pair of
glasses – A pair of drinking glasses.

Always keep the 3 cardinal game rules in mind –

1. Know your client
2. Know your audience
3. Build rapport before

The last 3 chairs \ contestants:

Find what I am describing. As soon as you know what it is go get it…

There are only two of these in the room.
There may be many things that there are only two of in this room,
but I only looking for one of the two.
They are together, but different.
They are as one, but unique.
They are only here for today.
They are here specifically for the celebration.
They are the reason we are here to celebrate….

They are of course the Bride & Groom!

This also works for the Bar / Bat Mitzvah’s parents.
Or the husband / wife, owner(s)\hosts for a company event.

Once they are there. Make a big deal out of congratulating them…

The last item list:

1. Toilet Paper
2. Source of birth control
3. Something a lady wears that you can’t see
Hand Lotion
Hair Spray
And yes a bra or slip will also do fine
4. A Hawaiian Dollar (Any U.S. Currency\Dollar will do)

Closing thought: Personalization For Profits