Treat your Bride & Groom, Corporate client or Birthday boy\girl like a movie star by creating a paparazzi moment. Click here to see:

Visit the tables\guests, during dinner, explain that everyone with a camera\camera phone is part of the paparazzi. When you announce that the event is to be crashed by the paparazzi everyone with cameras\camera phones will rush over to take pictures of the Bride & Groom, CEO, or Birthday person.

Cue the real photographer(s) so they know what is going to happen, so they can prepare.




Then when you make the announcement mention the paparazzi are there to get their picture for the cover of Bride & Groom Magazine, or the name of a publication (real or not) that matches the theme or purpose for the celebration. This is a great way to highlight, flatter, honor or recognize your guest(s) of honor. Questions? Call 623.738.6526, or reply anytime. [Smile]