Charitable organizations

There are lots of reasons to donate your entertainment services to worthy charitable organizations. Personally I provide services for the cancer society (my wife and mother are both survivors), and for a variety of local youth groups. All for free.

There is a great sense of satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from sharing your talents with others. Especially when you have donated your time and services.

And of course YOU can benefit from the good will and exposure.

For more ROI (return on your investment), become a member of the planning committee. This group plans the event, and is most likely involved with other groups and events who can use \ pay for your services.

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Additional tips
Request that your company name \ logo be included in all advertisements. Including Banners, Radio, TV, T-Shirts, printed material, web site, and so on.
Attend every planning session.
Take notes at the meetings, then share the notes with other committee members. Do NOT offer a sales pitch in the notes. Your name on the notes is top of mind enough.
Offer to provide Audio \ Video support for the awards ceremony and \ or after events. Usually a paid event.
Send everyone a Thank You after the event. Including committee members, vendors, booths, and to a guest list, if they provide.
Ad your card, brochure, flyer to the Goodie Bags
With permission, set up BEFORE the vendors, then visit each booth, ask for details regarding their services, and then promote their services through announcements.
MC the vendor raffles, and be the voice for as much of the event as possible.

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