This form letter is a combination of simplicity and personalization at its best. Recently I sent this Email to over 500 clients\prospects and received over 100 replies. That is unprecedented. And now I share it with you.

The words in BOLD are merged from the Company, Contact and City field names. I have used you and your company for the example below, as if you were planning an event.



I am meeting with clients in  this week. So I am in your neighborhood, and would like to meet with you too.

We can schedule a design time at your office, or Starbucks. Coffee is on me.  Then together we can discuss the returns, rewards & results for (Business Name) next event.


Take this concept and run with it. It really works! And if your current mail merge software cannot provide you with results like this I can help. Call  623.738.6526, or reply today to discuss DJ Manager as your one stop solution.