Here is my LinkedIn story. I hope you enjoy. After all it is TRUE!

I received a call on Thursday from a new client who found me on LinkedIn.  She said her VJ (Video Jockey) had canceled on her at the last minute and she needed help.

I assumed the event was for that weekend. Then she explained she needed a VJ for the following Tuesday. For only 3 hours. I confirmed the details and went to the venue on Tuesday. My van was fully loaded with audio \ video gear.

When I arrived there was an AV man there from the company who hired me with two cables in his hands. One audio link for my mixer and the other a video cable for my computer. The speakers, amps, screen, projector and all were already setup and in place!

Wow was I surprised. Pretty cool deal. And the story gets better. While I charged her my mid-week rate it was more than most DJs in my area charge for weekend work. And she continues to use my services.

The moral of the story is two fold. First HURRY and get LinkedIn.

Second add video to your entertainment tool box. Questions? Call 623.738.6526, or reply anytime.