If you have fear of Craig’s list then you need to listen to me right now… I have never once EVER had a client come into my office and ever reference Craig’s list. Maybe because my company, reputation, branding, appearance and professionalism is not a commodity.
When you are like all the rest you become a commodity and then are subject to price being that main factor in which your clients choose to hire you. The secret to getting what your worth is actually being worth more that the commodities. May I recommend the following to improve your skills and professionalism:
* Peter Merry The Professional Process
* Mark Ferrell The MarBecca Method / MC Workshops
* Bill Hermann The Entertainment Experience
* Alan Dodson Top Gun Workshops
* Ryan Burger Mobile Beat DJ Conference
* Robbie Britton ARMS DJ Conference
* Hugo Drax The Las Vegas DJ Show & The ADJA
* Ben Stowe The Lighting Symposium
* Elisabeth Scott Daley WED Guild and Make It Grand Workshops
* Randy Bartlett The 1% Solution
* Larry Williams Service A to Z and many more books
* John Young Disc Jockey News
* Michael Walter Running Your Multi-Op
* Scott Faver Just Because he is Scott Faver


And there are many more. The point is, STAND OUT and you won’t EVER have to compete with Craig’s List DJs.

Time to stop complaining and start striving for excellence. Educate, train, practice and educate MORE!!!

2014 needs to be the year DJs raise their game and raise their rates as a result.