A fellow net-worker recently shared an interesting story. While attending a networking event everyone took 30 seconds to introduce themselves. One proudly stood and said he is the person to help you make the most important decisions in your life. He is your professional financial adviser.

Sounds good. Now for the visual – This person wore a T-Shirt, shorts and sandals. Not exactly the image you would expect from a financial adviser. Undaunted and curious my friend later approached this man and asked for his business card.

The business card had a picture of the man wearing a white shirt and tie. And listed the company name, a phone number, and an EMail address.  The EMail address on the card was fratman69@hotmail.com.

For the purpose of privacy some of the facts in this story have been changed. But the message remains – The profession, visual image, and EMail address of this individual are what I call schizophrenic. Which means disconnected, disjointed, confused.

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