When I last asked, Are you schizophrenic? Sending mixed messages? Confusing your clients? Offering a uniform, unified, consistent, professional, well branded image?

I challenged you to make sure you were sending a uniform message to your clients by having your business name, EMail address and more all match. Click here if you need a reminder.

Now consider your image and message. Do they communicate what your service truly offers? Do they attract clients looking for precisely who you are and what you do? Or, is your marketing material, attracting the opposite type of clients, hindering your closing rate?

Matching your corporate image to attract the exact type of clients who are looking for your specific style is the magic of effective target marketing.

Did you consult anyone before creating your marketing materials?

An advertising agency? A marketing consultant? Your spouse?

Others in your profession? Or best of all… YOUR CLIENTS?

It is time to Ask, Listen and then Act! Listen to this audio clip and we will pick up this conversation soon.

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