When we last discussed if your marketing material was schizophrenic I invited you to Ask, Listen and then Act!

Here is one way to get the right answers for your marketing material. Ask your customers. Satisfied or not, they will gladly tell you what you want to know. You may not like the answers but they will put you on the right track.

Start with a Tagline, a brief one liner that describes your services and \ or gets their attention long enough to inquire more.

Here are a few popular taglines –

We do it your way – Burger King

Reach out and touch someone – AT&T

Think Different – Apple

Some companies like McDonalds and Staples change their tagline ever 6 months or so.

Keep in mind that the tagline that wins may not be the one you like the best.

But it will be the one that best describes what you do. Which will mean it will appeal to future clients who are looking for what you do. And as a result more will say YES!

As a bonus, respectfully, if you don not want to work that hard, here is a list of30 Sample Taglines.