Power Partners is an advanced networking concept. Of course it is nice to receive an occasional referral from previous clients. Power Partners are vendors in the event industry you can share referrals with all the time!

Here is a suggested list, from the obvious to the obscure.


Balloons Bands\Musicians Chocolate Fountain
Ceremony\Clergy Child Care Dance Lessons
Cake\Pastry Caterer\Bar Tenders Décor
Beauty Salons Bridal Shop Formal Wear
Florist Horse Carriage Ice Sculptures
Dove Release Printer\Invitations Jewelers
Limousines Linens Make Up Artist
Calligraphy Rentals Seamstress
Coordinators * Entertainment Singers\Vocalist
Photographer Place Cards Transportation
Chapel Lodging Videographer


* Wedding, Destination Management Services, Event Production Companies

While not ignoring the clear choices, the more unique services make youthe go to person when your client needs something special.  Share some face time with these professionals, get to know what they do best and what makes them distinctive. The more you know about them, the easier you refer them to your clients. And vice a versa.


Next time on Power Partners at list of non-event industry professionals

you can network with to achieve even greater success!