Continuing the conversation regarding the previously sent Sales Statistics. Click here for a reminder. Last I sent some reminder links – Get Personal, the Promotion Series and Conversation vs. Pitch, all designed to keep you top of mind with your prospects\clients without driving them to the delete key.

Personalization is a must. Getting information without asking for it directly is the secret. And copy that appears to be written just for them is the magic.

Once you have the information you can put it to use. Look for reasons to say hello that do not include a pitch or direct reference to your services.

How is married life is a great example. I receive volumes of information from people on my list with this question. Reply with your anniversary date and I will send you a sample.

Instead of sending the traditional, I am updating my database, try my How is business approach. This is the corporate version of the How is married life. Reply here for a sample.