Jessica A Mc Kelvey

Scott Faver has officially reduced the business stress in my life.
I am from Pittsburgh and in the midst of making a career choice. I’ve been a DJ for the past ten years and just recently decided I think this is what I want to do to support my family. I’m in the process of building my business, rebranding, and also deciding if I’d like to stay with entertainment or branch out into event planning, which has been my dream for over ten years.
After speaking with Scott I have clarity. We touched base on social media marketing, company names, and what my true dream is. I especially LOVE the way he uses a story to connect the expertise he provides you with. The stories are entertaining and really create a lasting impression for the advice. Not only does he have a wonderful way of speaking about things, but he knows what he’s talking about.
I walked away from the phone call feeling motivated, relieved, and so thankful he took the time to help someone who is just starting out.
Scott Faver is an all around good person with an exceptional brain for this business. I look forward to reading his Game Master tip lists and learning as much as possible!

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